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Among the lovely surprises at Reapercon this year was this terrific new Bones piece: the DUMPSTER.



I was delighted to see it blistered and available for sale; this is a piece the hobby has been begging for for years. While it's not the FIRST dumpster made available in 25mm - 28mm, it is unarguably the finest; other examples were either print-and-assemble cardboard, or the smaller plastic one released by WizKids for their HeroClix game (sadly, long out of production)... and the HeroClix model was considerably smaller, to the point of seeming somewhat out of scale.

Reaper has corrected this issue with a beautiful and realistic Bones plastic model, in full 28mm scale, ready to enhance and complicate any tabletop game set in the modern day. It's big enough to hold several figures, and comes in three pieces, with an opening lid. Sculpted in mathematically exact right angles and stunning accuracy, it's a fine addition to any modern terrain; I look forward to freehanding graffiti on it before placing it behind my zombie apocalypse Circle K.

NEXT: The amazing new Jersey Barriers!

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I want several of those... any idea when they will be available at the store?

They already are.

I ordered a dumpster and a shipping container along with my Reapercon Swagbag earlier this week.

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Not to argue with Doc, well not to much. There is another excellent dumpster out there from Armorcast. It would go together quite well with the Reaper one.




It does take a bit of work to get it cleaned up though.

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Mmm... JR Miniatures makes two different dumpsters. Miniature Building Authority makes one. Knight Models makes one for their Batman Miniatures game. (That one is rather too Sci-Fi for my tastes). Pardulon makes one, just to name a few. Sorry, Doc, but the hobby has had many a resin, plastic or metal dumpster to choose from, for a good long time.


I'm a bigger fan of the Armorcast, to be honest. It looks more like a real dumpster. The Reaper one is an odd design. (That won't stop me from eventually getting one... I do like that it opens up.)


I also have to disagree on scale. The Reaper dumpster is way huge. Way out of scale of even their own larger Chronoscope guys. Well... as far as the pics I've seen show it. The only dumpsters that big I've ever seen in real life are the huge, industrial, container-sized ones, and they don't have plastic lift-up lids on them.


This one looks more like it was meant to double as a storage case. Which is likely what I'll be doing with mine. I'll probably stick all the little road cones and garbage cans and other modern street items into it when not in use.

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I want that dumpster and the shipping container too.


Maybe a few shipping containers, build a industrial site like a harbour setting.

Some containers, a security guard and something lurking on the container perhaps.


Or a biker war between those.


Ahh the possibilities. Must empty wallet..

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Maybe a few shipping containers, build a industrial site like a harbour setting.

I might suggest making some stacks of scratchbuilt containers using corrugated cardboard to go with the reaper ones. Harbors usually have a LOT of those things stacked high.





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I lived in a dumpster behind Tower Records in Austin for a couple days when I was experimenting with homelessness. I find the scale reasonably accurate.

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Maybe a few shipping containers, build a industrial site like a harbour setting.

I might suggest making some stacks of scratchbuilt containers using corrugated cardboard to go with the reaper ones. Harbors usually have a LOT of those things stacked high.







Thx, I know. I grew up in Rotterdam, which is one of the largest harbours in the world.

Could be cool to represent an part of such a site in a diorama.


On the other hand, so many ideas, so many minis, so little time.

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