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Round cages from hair rollers

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From this tip I decided to make some cages since I'm running A1 then possibly A2. I went with smaller rollers to make the cages, just under an 1" wide so a good number can be used on tabletop. Made 2 normal height, 8 dwarf height and 8 heroic (lack of) scale height. Had some game counters (some sort of 18.5mm tiddlywink) that fit the rollers perfectly. Painted them black and glued those into place. Mixed some metal paints together in varying amounts and drybrushed. FInished with a light drybrushing of browns / reds to make them look like they belong in some undercity sewer turned slave storage chamber. My slavers sure are not going to be giving their slaves a 10x10 cage apiece!







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Now that's great thinking.


Nice way of incorporating household items into the hobby.


I love these kinds of things. Int he early days of the hobby I have seen spaceships build from shampoo bottles and such.

Great stuff.

I've always wondered, back in said early days, were they using the 54mm Louis Marx toy Cavemen, Vikings and Knights as Hill, frost and Fire giants? I know about the Ultraman-knock off monsters in the Hong Kong Dinosaur toy packs that became bulletes, owl bears (look close and you can see the old fig was likely a kappa), rust monsters and umber hulks, but I'm starting to suspect the giants were also based on specific figs.


Of course with scale creep being what it is, soon the six inch Louis Marx figures might be needed for giants.

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There was a lot of scratchbuilding and converting toys in those days.


If you look for old magazines from those days you will see many examples.

Some of these magazines can be viewed and downloaded online for free legit.


Like Fantasy magazine. and maybe some very old White Dwarves.

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This is so clever. They even look like they are lined with spikes!

I am pretty sure you can buy these for super cheap from your CVS/Walgreen/Target/Walmart/Boots.

Not really, those places tend to be overpriced (don't know what a Boots is) IMHO. Dollar Tree / Deals is where i found these cheap.

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I'm gonna have to steal this idea.


I was sure you were the originator of the idea.


I wonder if the new bones black hollow disc bases would fit and serve as the bottoms of the cages.

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