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Crypt of the Vampiress + Victim on altar and Spirits.


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This is what I'll be using as a casket of souls in my warhammer undead army. Finally it will be a part of a greater diorama, so it has a place to rest in the shelf. 


This was a lot of fun to paint. 


Miniatures used: 


Crypt of the vampiress; 02990

Ghostly Summons; 77095 (Bones)

Victim, from Altar of Evil + Victim; 02580 (Unable to locate just the victim when I tried to find it again)

Altar of Evil; 77139 (Bones)

Base from Warhammer graveyard set

Skull beads (eBay)

Q-Tips :P


Nudity1 Nudity2 Nudity3


Close-up of altar:



Added closeup of vampire: 






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Creepy and wonderful.


I love this. Great idea with the spirits rising from the casket like that.


I was very happy with the way the different pieces fit together. 

Considering the special rules work like a banshee howl, I figured it would be appropriate to have the chest summoning banshee spirits as well. :)


And who says (un)death can't be beautiful? ;)


I also don't usually do any light effects on my pieces (just not good enough at it), but I was happy with how it turned out here.

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