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question about weapons


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I just started playing Warlord with two of my friends and we don't have a whole lot of models. Since we are trying to learn how to play, we usually do play with what you see is what you get. When ever we have enough models to have about 500 and above worth of points, then we will probally use WYSIWYG.

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I don't think it matters, since an axe and a seord do the same thing anyway (one hit), rules may be upcoming for specific weapons, though, I don't know. I don't think you should be able to say something like "Well, he has a sword, but treat it as a crossbow." Too confusing. Oh, and there aren't rules for shields anyway, at least, not yet.

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This by no means is official, but I try to stick with the following:


Warrior: Light armor, shield, one handed weapon (longsword, scimitar, battleaxe, mace, etc).

Heavy Infantry: Heavy armor, shield, one handed weapon.

Polearm: spear/polearm, light armor.

Linebreaker: Two handed weapon (greatsword, greataxe, maul, spiked chain, etc)

Dervishes: Two weapons (or double weapon).

Archer/Longbowmen: Bow (it's difficult to distinguish these two)

Crossbowmen: Crossbow


For leaders and heroes I try to make sure they are represented properly.


For troops I try to make sure my axemen are in one troop, my swordsmen are in one troop, etc. WYSIWYG, and any precautions you take to identify your units, makes your life easier on the battlefield.

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