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I was curious how someone can make some tiny printed documentation like wanted posters so that I can glue to the base of a few of my miniatures or maybe glue to scenery?
Do you try and use some thinner paper maybe or is the normal printer paper good enough (I doubt it though)?

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It is usually good enough. Give it a try, print a small flier, let the ink dry well, then soak in watered PVA and apply.


Some inks run so you cannot soak but you "paint" over it with a thin PVA layer instead... Or matte medium.


So... try it!

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I have never heard of using sandpaper quite like that. I'll have to play around with it. The initial issue I see with it, regardless of grit, is its going to be very thick and hard to make conform to a surface.

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I have not tried printing on onion skin paper but if it will fit through the printer that would be your best choise if you can find some.   It is, as the name implies, very then mostly transparent paper.   Some kind of tracing paper would also work if the printer could take it.  I would then cut it out and use some reaper sealer on the area on the wall where you want to stick it (as the glue) and once that dries go over it with a sealer or varnish to lock it in place.



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just to be clear the phrase was "Onion Skin Paper"... us old folks remenber this wonderfull translucent thin paper from days of old when crayons where used and printers used a tech called dot matrix! or even.. god forbid.. print wheels.  :devil:

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I have seen tiny posters, newspapers and the like on bases. You just have to remember to color the edge and it looks fine printed on regular printer paper.


Edit to add:

Its not quite the same thing, but this guy's armor was printed on printer paper, then painted/shaped/sealed. I am embarrassed to say I don't remember who made this one.post-13074-0-26391200-1431317761_thumb.jpg

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Hi Splotchylnk;


I am lost in regard to the dilemma that you expressed in your posting in regard to the making of posters and documents!...These items are one of the most easy items to make and add to most any miniature piece.


Be it fantasy, modern war, post apocalyptic, sci-fi or nostalgic era...Just search the web for the type of posters that you want...copy/save the ones you are interested in...photo reduce to the size that you want...print them.


You can use standard stock (non-gloss) white paper...or get textured sheets of tan colored paper (for parchment looks) from any craft store.


Once printed...cut to size...you can weather it with a brush & water...you can make them look old & faded or newly posted.


Attach it to the surface that you are posting it on with a dab of white glue.


This is a very simple and straight forward process...I hope that this sheds some light on your stated problem/dilemma!


Paul (Catdancer)

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