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So I'm going to be in Norway next week for work.  I'm not sure how much free time I will end up having as the scope of work changes (for the worse) with every day.  But I wouldn't mind meeting up with any forum-ites who happen to be in the Bergen area.  I still haven't decided if I am bringing my travel paint set or not, so I'm not sure about a paint day, but I'm down for meeting for dinner or a drink somewhere.


Also, if there is anywhere in particular that I should visit while I am there, feel free to offer suggestions.  Again I'm not sure how much time I will have for sightseeing, but better to have ideas and not time then to have time and no ideas.


Thanks and looking forward to the trip.

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I spent my Birthday in Bergen last year.

There are two things you MUST see.

One is the Mt. Ullriken, and the other is Mt. Floyen.

Ulriken is only accessible by cable car.

(Mind blowing view of Fjord, and Bergen),   Mt Floyen

is accessible by a Furnicula tram.  You will adore the trip up the mountain in a glass encased trolly.

My Grandfathers brother ran the restaurant at the top of the Mountain.

Beautful views of Bergen.

You have to visit The Bergen Wharf (Brygge).  Its right next to the fjord before you get to the fort.

You will freak out over the 12th Century buldings (national treasure list).

Wander around, there is a world war II museum at the fortress that is free.

Oh.. one last thing about Bergen, its is a city that is surrounded by mountains.

You are either going UP hill, or DOWN hill.

Bring comfortable shoes.

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Excellent!  I had a bet with myself that you would be the first to respond Jay.  I now owe myself a beer.


I've been to the wharf before (lots of cool little stores in there).  I'll have to try and make it to the tops of the mountains this time.  Last time I was there, the line were just ridiculous.  It also appears that it will be raining for all but two days while I am there.  Better bring my rain gear.

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It ALWAYS rains in Bergen, its known for that !!!!!!!!!!!

By the way.. when you are facing the "Brygge".. Wharf.. on the corner there is

the "Hanseatic League Building".  its a 12th century "office" inside..

The upper level has rooms used by the merchants, AND their sleeping quarters !

Little closet like beds, with doors to keep warm, also, many folks slept together in the same

bed to share their heat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you are looking at the fish market (dead on) there is a restaurant on your left,

second floor (I think it is called the Lido, not positive about that name),

For Norway it is a good value, and you have windows overlooking the fjord, and the Brygge,

and can see the ships coming in and out ) !

Here is the view from Floyen !




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And I may have eaten there Jay. Or one of the restaurants close by.

Lido is the only second floor restaurant there.

So, you know where I am referring to.

Its across from the tourist information center, on the left of the fish market !

(ROFL... I sound like a tourist information clerk at the information office).

Have a "gud Reise".. have a good trip, and you know that everyone under 40

speaks english, so you are all set ) !

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I visited Bergen around 10 years ago. It was a great town, although Jay has already mentioned everything I did (and more).


I got there via a ferry from Flam, which allowed for a great boat trip up the Sognefjord. (Worth it, if you have the time to spare.) If I ever make it back, I will have to try Citrine's recommendation for the overland trip.

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I haven't seen any in the woods....but I think I saw some at one of the clubs.  I'm not sure.  That was right around the time a group of swaying people asked me if I knew how to drive the Ferris Wheel.  I regretfully informed them that I did not and continued on.  Shortly there after the girl with the group said something.  All I could make out was "American".  I looked back to answer but her (boy?)friend was holding her back going "no, no go on".  As I turned back around I heard her say plaintively "but I want to have my way with him".


The Norsk are indeed a very friendly people.

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That would be the local Outland, I guess? The Norwegian FLGS ;) The Trondheim one is pretty much the same, while the one in Oslo has a pretty good selection of PP figures, and some other games as well :)


I went to Bergen in junior high, it's a great looking city. Pretty much known in Norway for being the place where it rains all the time ;)

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