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Just a handful of Bones 2 minis I'm working on this month.


89021: Mystic Theurge

77209: Arran Rabin

77353: Ursula, Dwarven Bear Rider

77365: Angel of Protection ( on Deva's base)

77370: Troll Slayer Sophie

77206: Friar Stone


The angel will be for my mother, as a belated Birthday and Mother's day gift















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I DISBELIEVE!  :blink:



They are all small, this cannot be Siri.



Looking forward to seeing this progress.


But i gotta learn how to do the small work!



I know, you told me that at the Con, but to see it happen, well that's a different matter.

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I DISBELIEVE!  :blink:



They are all small, this cannot be Siri.



Looking forward to seeing this progress.


But i gotta learn how to do the small work!


No you don't! XD



Yus i do!  :unsure: I want to improve XD i'm going to have to do faces on these guys soon


I do really like the cloak on Arran Rabin and Sophie's wings

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I'm going to have to send you platypus, so you can truly appreciate the meaning of the "White Dot from HELL."


;D i'll take free platypus



You and every person on the forum!  ::P:


*raises hands* ME me , ooooh!

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    • By Zloyduh
      First of all, this is such an awesome figure!  So many details that it took me a bit longer than usual.  Nevertheless, I really enjoyed every minute I got working on this guy 🙂
      As before, I'm looking for ways to improve so please throw in all your critiques and suggestions.

    • By Evilhalfling
      This was created at Reapercon 2018 at the bones conversion class. 
      removed the rider and the saddle, added the mystery wings. 
      it went through 2 rounds of greenstuffing and re-texturing.  
      only to end up here.  painted between Christmas and New years. 
      I still have issues with the wings, which a mostly drybrushed. Ah well. 

    • By Doug Sundseth
      Finished this figure over the weekend. Painted to a moderately high tabletop standard*, trying for an interesting color scheme that is new to me.

      * Except for the eyes, which are very weak.
    • By GodOfCheese
      Sometimes when I imagine the mechanics of monster summoning, it's kind of like Uber or Lyft. You select a particular summoning option, and someone picks up the call without really knowing what the mission will be.
      Anyway, we needed an angel. Our prayers were answered, but apparently this one was on the way to the Celestial Daycare, or maybe had just completed another summoning gig involving orphans when she showed up for this gig.  I can imagine any number of ways this could have gone.
      But in any case, this one arrived with a baby, and without a nose. She fight off our enemies with only one hand and without any olfactory senses.  It was truly impressive!

    • By Kev!
        She's riding a bear!

      Thanks for taking a peek,
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