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2nd Annual 24 hour miniature painting marathon

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I just found out about this today when I stumbled across the Mummble post....

I found out about 8pm EST and have been painting since...

1115 now....

Here is what my desk looks like at the moment:




02741 Fairey

02570: Karoak, Toad Demon

03278 Rogan, half orc thief

02537 Orankar, Ogre Boss

2 Ral Partha Ogre Archers

02744 Cichastus, Fly Demon

and the basing for 02730: Cavern Crawler.

I hope to have at least half of this done by Monday, but we'll see!

Will try and set up the mumble thing...

And in case I finish everything


Any bets? :bday:

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Sooo...I am way late on prepping my minis, so I'm going to have to count prep work, or I won't make 24 hours. I will probably have to split my time, too. I go out of state for a month, starting next week, so it's tonight through Sunday night or bust for me.


I started looking at potentials at about 11:30. My work will start with a combination of prep/prime and cleaning up this disaster of a hobby table.


Pictures will come later for verification. I have 1 exchange mini that is closing in on finished, 1 prepped/primed, and 8 fresh out of the package.


My goal is to finish my exchange piece-which won't get pictures until it's delivered-finish the one that is ready to go, have my 4 townsfolk near completion, and base coats on the other 4.


EDIT: Make it 9 fresh out of the box. I found another cork.

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Alright here's what's all prepped for me. Though prepped is one thing, actual minis painted might change slightly if I get ambitious, or I might use the time to prep some others.




Townspeople in the front are the priority. I have Kagunk all ready to go and lined. Then mummies are all based and ready to be mass painted hopefully. Behind them you can't see but I have two beetle swarms of three of those tick things. Probably won't get to all of these by any means. But I'll be happy with anything I DO get done.


Turned out I had to get some cleaning done tonight and have to work tomorrow as well as have an evening out planned after that. Might get a little time inbetween, but most likely will start tomorrow and get most of my painting in on Sunday like others have mentioned. Might get a head start tonight to build some time but can't stay up too much later. Let the painting begin!

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Did the final touch-ups and clean-ups on my innkeepers (weren't shown above since they were pretty much completed prior to this). Then superglued some base accessories to my blacksmiths. Now the barmaid is basecoated. Accidentally gave her a mole. Will probably get rid of that.  ^_^




Think that is about an hour and a half done. Time for sleep, see ya'll tomorrow!

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ok, 340 am and time to sleep....

got some work done on the ogres and half orc,



and for some reason, I felt compelled to prime Ral Partha's DOOM BUNNY




see you all later!


And thanks to Ronnie James Dio for great music to paint by....

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