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2nd Annual 24 hour miniature painting marathon

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Inarah - great start!


Knarthex - oh I did not realize! I still say a bunnicula paint scheme for a bunny rabbit with little dracula wings haha.


Finished up my townsfolk woman with children (apparently that must have had the nose problem and never made it to retail). Now working on my 2nd copy of her. Hoping to finish that tonight!

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I use hot glue myself to stick figs to old 35 mm film cannisters filled with water. sometimes it peels off, sometimes needs a little work. I can sometimes be re used by melting it again with a candle.


Just finished showing wife Avengers #1, she saw 2 in the theaters...

On to painting!

til 2400 anyway....


ps don't knw if you guys have seen this 20 page post, but I loved it, and will soon be contributing a lot of pics of old school lead....



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/stares at desk. I've painted  seven models. Okay, I've got paint on seven models, one is actually finished, ones a color experiment in using only green variations, three are playing with dark skin mixes, one is a beloved project, and ones my poopy saddled cowgirl OH and I forgot about my other one. 

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hey folks,

almost midnight and work in am....

Ogres are done, except for another coat of Dullcote and basing:

post-14271-0-20992100-1436759100.jpg post-14271-0-56116500-1436759113_thumb.jpg


post-14271-0-90385000-1436759128.jpg post-14271-0-63574400-1436759141.jpg


post-14271-0-87408900-1436759152_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-57337300-1436759164.jpg


And started on Fairie's 'clothes'

post-14271-0-72482300-1436759248.jpg post-14271-0-18740200-1436759258.jpg


I am trying to paint her as Escalla from the TSR Module Novels by Paul Kidd.

If you haven't read these, you will be in for a treat!

White Plume Mountain is first...

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That was today..... CRAP!


Some folks are doing this next weekend, so not too late! Though I say we do these quarterly or something. Another digital paint day in September would keep me motivated to dedicate a whole weekend to focus on painting like I did today.


Well, I finished up 3 minis over the whole weekend. I think about 12-13 hours total if I am remembering correctly. Hoped I could do a lot better, but it's not terrible. Posting this terrible photo tonight since it is dark out. I might not get good show-off posts until next weekend when I'll be home in the daylight. Need to post show-offs for the resolutionary painting challenge, and this definitely helped me up my total for the month. Really enjoyed painting with everyone, I'll check back in next weekend to watch those who might be painting next weekend!



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Managed to paint some last night, and score the day off today! Yay! This is probably about 1.5 to 2 hours of work on this guy. I still need to do some more shading on his Metallics, clean up the 'red hot' ranseur, fix that l

eft eye, and base him. Hope Y'all like him!


Eta: flipped pics





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WOW  Everyone one did really cool stuff!  We lost internet connectivity at our place this weekend so I ended up posting stuff via my iphone here.  Right here.  On the plus side it made reading everyones progress this morning very exciting.  Congrats everyone.  You all ROCK!


I learned a few lessons:

1) Always move your miniatures away from the edge of your desk -- especially if you turn your chair around.

2) Taping and prep work will take longer than you think.

3) The airbrush is your friend.

4) I get slower as I get more tired - wait I already know that... Well its confirmed.

5) Get up and walk around every now and then.

6) A wet palette is a good palette.

7) Google image search is a valuable resource.

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@Maxstyles Those look like some great projects! Very cool.


I think I'm only going to hit about 12 hours. Most of it was spent on my exchange piece and on cleaning and prepping my 9 new ones. I have made a lot of progress on my elf sword master, though. I'll post pictures when I am done today.

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Are we doing this again this weekend?????

I have to work Saturday, so that cuts into my time,  but I will be painting Friday night until midnight and Saturday starting around 7/8 pm....

Were people talking on mumble? If so I am going to have to set that up....

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