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2nd Annual 24 hour miniature painting marathon

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Ok. So here is the elf swordsman I was working on. I finished my exchange piece, but I won't post pictures of that until my partner receives it. I also cleaned and prepped nine new minis, but since I didn't even get them primed, they're really not worth posting photos. I'll tag the piece later; I'm running errands right now.


I realize now that I really am not a fast painter or prepper. I lost track of my time, but I am pretty sure I was well over 12 hours.




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There was mumbmle?!?


I over committed myself for the weekend and did not get to paint until yesterday so I never got on Mumble like I had planned. I've got an ongoing Pathfinder campaign so I'd like to get some of my monsters painted up so I plan on putting in a few more long evening paint sessions. 

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Hi everyone,


Turns out my co-worker doesn't have time make these for me.  I am exploring the ribbon idea now so if anyone has a good contact for ribbons let me know.  I am sorry this is taking so long but I will make good on my promise.  Full disclosure:  I might be January before I can get this done with Christmas and all.


Sorry for the delay -- on the plus side if I get a big order of ribbons I can hand them out next year.  :)



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Sadly, looking back through the thread, I realized I didn't put brush to mini until October; work and school stole my time, energy and creative juices for the summer. :down: I plan to participate in the next one, though! ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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