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I like the Woodland Scenics Realistic Water myself....

Pours right from the bottle....


Youtube videos on using it can be found here




that's what i use, but it shrinks and withers away into a little film


Yep, Realistic Water sucks especially for larger pours. It's great for very tiny pours and making things really shiny, but absolutely horrendous for anything that takes a larger pour and then you have to do 3, 4, 5, or more pours to get it to look how you you want, and it still never sets hard. I use it for very specific things on basing, but never again will I use it for a larger pour.

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Looking great! Love the spots and colors on the Dinos. As for the water effects, I'm using some that I got in the kids diorama dept at Michael's (may have been JoAnn Etcs). It comes in a small bottle, and you use elmers school glue to great the border for it. You poor it in, let it dry over night, then if you want, add a bit more to make it darker. It's kind of a blue, see through, epoxy. Worked great for a lava base I did! 

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Wonderful, I love the color contrast. It all looks awesome, so realistic.


Well, you see.... Siri is in fact a Time Traveller, these aren't minis painted up..


These are photographs Siri took on one of her trips into the past...

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    • By KruleBear
      My 8 year old son painted these shortly after his birthday last spring. I actually liked his colors and the pattern on the Carnotaurus. Mostly I was over joyed that he didn’t glob the paint on for once. A few weeks ago I decided to paint the eyes, teeth, claws, and base for him. Them a coat of sealer.  I think they look great for the toy box. Here are my crappy before and after.

    • By Waylandrk
      Wasn't totally happy with how this came out. I wanted a reptilian version of a tiger pattern for stalking in the jungle. Colour scheme worked I think and overall it's a great model but it has some issues I struggled with. 
      It's not symmetrical, the ridges and scales on each side are in different places and don't align making the patterning problematic. That coupled with the fact that some of the larger scales fade out and a lot of the smaller scales are almost indistinct took some of the fun out if it. Normally I enjoy doing scales and applying washes and dry rushing as well as picking out patterns on individual scales but this was hard work.
      Will still make the kids worry when it hits the tabletop though 🙂

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      Introducing the Ganorn, a full squad of 10 traditionally-sculpted resin miniatures in 28-32mm scale. 


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      Blacktooth Terror from Bones 4 painted like Bells Phase Lace Monitor(photo for reference included).
      C&C please.

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      It's a great day in the Cretaceous Period, hot, humid and just a bit oppressive.  The raptors* have gathered to discuss hunting strategies.

      Of course there may be disagreements about tactics...

      And who gets to lead the pack during the hunt...

      Sorry for the fuzziness. Still getting used to the new light set up in the photo booth. 
      *Including a pair of Wizkids Deep Cuts raptors
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