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I've got a Beloved of Sobek laying around for about 7 years or so.


Since I'm painting a swamp themed war ( well sort of) between Undead and various swamp creatures I decided to take him on.


I also got this nice Microarts Studio jungle/swampy base.


Crocodiles are mostly depicted as green.

But if you look closely they are way more, yellow, black, brown with a few greenish parts.


Let's try if I can recreate this, I want him to look as real as possible.


Any tips/hints and suggestions are always welcome.


Prepped and ready to go.






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Cool mini. Here is a link to wip where a gut is painting some reptoids with naturalistic colors you have been looking at.






Croc will have a yellow/brownish base, then work it up with black, whites, lighter yellow and some greens.


I hope :ph34r:

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And off we go.


First I based the lighter parts with scale 75 Iroko Sand.








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Second the darker parts and the line between those wich have to get ( oh the horror) blended.


I gave this a heavy citadel brown wash






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So while Mr. Hugging wit teeth is drying, on to the base.


First a smidge of Brown Liner for the Undergrowth.





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Then a wash with old citadel Flesh Wash wich have become somewhat murky over the years.

Which suits me fine for this.





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Then some White Sands as base for the teeth.

Some brown has rubbed off and some paint touches the wrong area, in this stadium its not a problem, I will correct that in the end.






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I find the scalecolor very good, a matt finish, only it dries pretty fast.


My favorite are still the Reaper MSP paints though.


Here I got some Game Colour, Heavy warm Grey ( looks more pink) as a base for the tongue and gums.

As seen in the Crocodile Pics in the first post, these areas are splotchy as well so I will add blacks and maybe greys later.


I hope you're all enjoying this still.

It's a holiday so I've got some time, I paint and post right now.


It may slow down later.

By showing the paint pots first, I hope to give an impression of what the colours do.








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Looking good. Keep going!


Ooo, I like that gray. I'll have to try to mix something similar since I don't have any vallejo paints.

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Back to basics  the base.


Some Blackened Brown to define the tree roots.





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Then some Game Color Heavy grey ( greenish) and a Citadel Flesh Wash ( new one untainted) to start splotching the tongue.

Also defined some darker ridge with the flesh wash on the back of our friendly reptile model.










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