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Bones 2: Wereshark

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I'm working on the Wereshark from Bones 2 and would like some feedback. Here's a couple of photos to show the process so far.


I covered the whole mini with GW Elf Grey. This paint looks great despite being near 20 years old! And then I used Nightsky Blue to block in the upper portion of his body, arms, and legs.



I was looking forward to painting that gaping maw, so I got busy on it. I washed the whole inside twice with Crimson Red or Spattered Crimson, I honestly don't remember which, being careful to avoid the teeth. I then added shadows with Walnut Brown and highlighted with Gory Red. Once that dried, I slowly added more and more Dirty Bone to the Gory Red and highlighted up to where it is.



I then did all the teeth and nails with Dirty Bone and slowly added more and more Splintered Bone up to where it is. I also did the fiddly bits on his wrists with various browns and oranges. I then did a few washes with some GW Flesh and GW Chestnut on the wrists.



After which I did the same Dirty Bone to Splintered Bone method as I had with the teeth, though I didnt go quite as much Splintered as I did for the teeth. That was all last week. Today, I had some more time, so I worked on the sand. I had based with Walnut Brown last week, to which I heavily drybrushed today with Griffon Tan (a great sand color!), followed by a light Dirty Bone drybrush. Once that dried a bit, I washed the base with GW Flesh and GW Brown in a semi-random way, though I kept the Brown focused more under his body while the Flesh was towards the exposed edges. I then washed with Griffon Tan, allowed that to dry and lightly drybrushed more Griffon Tan and Dirty Bone mixed.



So thats where I am. For the skin, I'm thinking of doing Nightmare Black for Shadows, Denim Blue or Soft Blue for mid and, possibly Aircraft Grey for highlights... you can see where I did some testing on his shoulder.

Thanks in advance for your comments and feedback!



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Here's a little progress. In the end, I went with Soft Blue and Aircraft Gray for the midtone and highlight, respectively.





I know I need to go higher with the lights, but, frankly, I'm scared. So in the meantime, I did this...thingy...which was awesome amounts of fun with all the eyes--which I've learned to enjoy after doing lots of chibi style stuff such as Arcadia Quest, Bonesylvanians, and Krosmaster. This was just a Blue Flame basecoat all over, followed by washes with GW Purple, Blue, and Green washes





We now return you to your not-so-regularly scheduled WIP.

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You can do it! Go a little higher with your highlights. If you don't like it, you can fix it. Start with a not so obvious area so you can see if you like it. He is looking really good so far. Your eye beast is cool as well!

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