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This is our fallout game today. We bought a lot of tabletop plus stuff at reapercon, Terry was a super cool guy!

We haven't used the actual dungeon tiles yet, but the bar has been fantastic!


Nice bar, The wench looks a little pale though.

She might be in need of some make up, best brand is Reaper MSP.

Now help her.

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Having played through the red hand of doom, largely in the cardstock and paper format, it is very odd to see it in 3D, but also awesome.


Additionally.The hirst arts and dwarven forge stuff is cool, and I am wow'ed at some of those games.


Very cool.

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Well, today was our play session for my campaign. It did not go well for the party. They walked right into a trap set up by the top brass of the bad guys. They used hobgoblins and an ogre to draw the party in.. using dead farmers as decoys. Once the party drew close, two groups of draconian raiders and greater barghests surprised them. Outgunned and flanked, they were given an opportunity to surrender (after the Cleric of Tyr was rendered unconscious). The dwarf refused to surrender and continued to fight. He was quickly killed. The rogue and ranger, sniping from the farmhouse rooftop, fled. The human and dwarf were consumed by the barghests, unable to ever be brought back. The rest of the game was spent retreating to the main city, and rolling up new characters (who I allowed to start at lvl 6). Not a good day for the good guys.....








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Not a great shot; I didn't set aperture for the appropriate depth of field, but here's an in-action shot from a Song of Blades and Heroes game a couple of weeks ago. I lent out my human warband to a friend, and used my recently painted undead, so we have Juliette protected by Sir Justin Forescale and Barnabas against a couple of Bones (what else?) skeletons...She managed to transfix the skeletons, so they were dispatched in short order. With a few local successes aside, it was not a good day to be undead.

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Not a great pic but here's a couple of Reaper mini's that I've shown here in our 50 Fathoms game this afternoon. Unfortunately, "Kraken Jack" (03135: B'thuhl, Bathalian Pirate) our Elementalist, has his back to the camera AND the enemy (WOTC D&D figure) as he's shy. Or getting ready to make a "heroic" run for it, most likely. "Black Anne" (03337: Terezinya, Bone Pander Wizard) reformed Pirate Captain, has just "Shaken" the bad guy and the Scurillian Suratos (figure unknown) has moved in for the kill while the bad guys green minion looks on, helpless.


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Couple shots from our game Sunday. Travelling in the Thornwaste en route to the ghostlord, they had two encounters. One with huge spiders, the other with dire lions. When they reached the ghostlord lair, they encountered Varanthian, a fiendish behir..







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Here's some pics of our 50 Fathoms game this afternoon. This is our big confrontation with a Chinese Sorcerer, Dr. Vin, right hand man Iron Chow and his minions, to stop their human sacrifice. The zombies were actually ninja types but someone forgot to bring the ninja figs. :ph34r:





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