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Lord Josh's WIP May/June 2015 (Bones Kickstarters I and II dungeon dressing +)

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I'm taking the time to do some of the dungeon dressing from Bones I and II, today, I cleaned mould lines, and stuck a bunch of pieces to my craft sticks:




And I got a couple pieces base-coated, the treasure chest:




And the other "treasure chest":




C&C welcome!



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Oh cool. We're these a special release with the kickstarter? I love me some tables n such.


Read title and answered question....disregard my non paying attention self

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Not special release; the table, benches, bookshelf, bed, and stalagmites were all part of the Bones II Kickstarter (and will be released to the store in the coming months, I hope), the candelabras, treasure chest and Mimic (mocking beast) are all available now in the Reaper store (though I did get mine with the KSI shipment - just been lazy about painting!).

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Looking good so far.


I did the boxes and barrels that came with KS2 a while ago; still haven't taken pics though.

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Got a base coat on most of what I prepped earlier, and I started putting some color on the Mimic



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