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After you uncross your eyes give yourself a huge pat on the back Jay.  Your brush control is leaps and bounds from where you first started and it is very obvious on this latest sculpt.



Notice I haven't touched the back of that cloak yet !

I'm going banana's trying to figure out the color scheme.

Once I used the Gunmetal Blue I opened up a whole box of considerations, not bad,

but that cloak is a bear in the making.  I'll get it done.. I may go to lighter green on the cloak,

I don't want to go darker at this stage I think.  Decisions, decisions, and oh... more decisions.

I also have to sketch out that shield, amongst all the other stuff !




see you could have not mentioned the back of the cloak... we would not have known since no pics have shown it!


but now that you have mentioned it (tightens the screws)  what color are you going for??


and have you gotten the sketches of the shield desgins done yet.???..




maybe now?


.. well.. have you?  :rock:




Remeber that Cowl I wear...


Like the Brandies we make, "No Wine before its time".

I'm a still thunking on that.

I have the shield design in front of me, its complex,

and I will get that done.. IN MY TIME.. :)

Jay salutes the Saffron Commander from Canada.

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Incredible, Things are actually coming together as planned !

I just went to mail and found the six Reaper MSP Clear colors I had ordered,

and a bottle of Pirate Gold as a bonus !  Whooo Hoo.

Monday is a slow day for painting, have too much else that needs to be accomplished.

I will post something later.

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It's always so nerve wracking when I am picking out colors on these miniatures.

Too dark, too light, can I contrast that, will it be a good shadow ?

The knights cloak is now base coated with a sapphire blue, it will go lighter and lighter

from there.  I also got more darks in chained armor. 


One more step taken.


Oh, you won't offend me if you make a comment !





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Is the back of his cloak textured and bumpy or did you apply paint to get that effect?

Its textured.  Like little flowers supposedly.

I put a light amount of black to blacken the texture, then put the sapphire on top...

so it is showing, is going to be hard to keep it from getting smoothed out with paint.

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Good Lord; he's beginning to look human !

I put some mid-tones on the cloak, trying to get that light and dark balance

going that I like.  Played in the shadows, and finally gave him hair.

Amazing what a difference that made.

All the little elements are popping out at me now.

Trying to get my head around the highlighting and free-hand stage.

Here is where I am at.






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