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So, I have received cerebro1974 as my exchangee, and his wishes were to obtain some NPCs for his campaign. He's given me some ideas and here's what I'm running with:


Templars of the Order of the Wind:

"I do not have much detail filled out on the order, other than their standard is three diagonal lines,"


Well, not much to go on there, so I selected a few minis that could be knights or templars:

Sir Malcom:



Unforgiven, Crusaders Grunt:



Sir Malcom will be the recipient of a spare shield that I have lying around, since his shield is not-quite-right for the design of the Order of the Wind's standard.


The other two minis I'll be painting up are for the Sun Priests:

"and the Sun templars only given description so far has been "ornate""


Hmm...Again, not much to go off of, but I have ideas. I've ordered two minis, and have a third on hand. The one on hand is a given, and I'll be choosing between the other two once I get them in hand, and see what I have to work with.

Sora Goldflame, Female Cleric:



Christina the Devout:



Both have their merits, and I like both for this project for different reasons. Sora is more dynamic and action-y, but Christina has a more innocent look, and I like the lantern.

As for the one I have on hand:

Sir Ekkrion Ganis, Paladin of the Wall



Sir Ekkrion, here, will be having his Menofixes removed and replaced with some sun iconography.



EDIT: Just so everyone knows, I won't actually be able to start painting until this Friday or Saturday (22 or 23 May). I'm at the gathering input stage right now.

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On the topic of Color Schemes:


The Sun Priests will be fairly easy, I think. Lots of white and gold. Maybe a little orange or red thrown in for pop.


The Order of the Wind I'm having some internal debate with. I like the idea of three white diagonal slashes on a field of green, but the traditional color of air is white and/or blue. And I do like painting blue.


If I go with green, it will be using:



If I go with blue, I have lots of blues on hand, but will be using ones similar to:






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Maybe I overthink my gamey things, but I would say it depends somewhat on the story for the Order.  Green says "wind in the trees" or "wind over the grass" to me, while blue indicates "clear skies" or "maritime winds".  Each could either have no consequence at all or could totally shape the story of the order.  If I were developing the game, there would probably be a reason for the color.


Personally, I'd ask cerebro.  If there's no preference there, develop some inspiration before proceeding.


On the other hand, I tend to overthink and overdevelop.  :unsure:

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Personally, I'd ask cerebro.  If there's no preference there, develop some inspiration before proceeding.

He's been invited to participate in the WIP. Hopefully he'll pop in and say something.

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Hmmm, green or blue? The campaign is in an area very similar to the Pacific Northwest, so green really fits the rest of the campaign well, and I do like the idea of wind in the trees (going to have to steal that one Koi!).....


Again, wow!!!

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Since I was about 90%  certain I was going to use Sora for the exchange (because 1. she's more dynamic, and b. her shield is very sun-like), I went ahead and picked up a second copy, so I could have one of my own. I was right, Sora's the one for this exchange. Plus, I won't have to carve off all those crosses on Christina, now.


She's slightly smaller than I was expecting. I keep forgetting that Reaper's minis are 28mm. I still need to try and pin her shield arm on, which will be a little more difficult than I'm used to.

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