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Help me finding a mini


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  Hmm, that could be a tough one...


Ogres generally aren't sculpted with much civilized equipment. Are you looking for a "civilized" sort of ogre or just an ogre in heavy armor? What sort of weapons are you looking for?


Your bet bet is probably to go look at older miniatures of giants - particularly fire giants - from places like Ral Partha... The scale creep over the years from true 25mm to 28-32mm means that most of the older giants that were on the smaller side when they came out are ogre-sized now. At the very least, you may be able to take the armor off of them and place it on an ogre if you're willing to do the fairly extensive conversion.

Alternately, you might look at 54mm minis and see if you can find something in the armor style you want and then convert it into something more brutish.


 There's also Reaper's 02537: Orankar, Ogre Boss and 14054: Gurm, Reven Monster, which have some armor on them, although it's more piecemeal than plate.


14265: Xailor, Overlords Monster seems to be the most heavily-armored thing they have that's about the right size...

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Does anyone had advice on how to find a mini of an ogre in heavy armor preferably full plate.


I've got one.


Its called a War Ogre from the now discontinued Chronopia Line from Target Games.

It still shows up on Ebay.


He may not have full plate but he has armour, a helmet and a big shield

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But scale creep means the older minis are pretty small, that guy in the link is only as tall as the Bones Bugbear (the original one).

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