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Veggie Revenge: Bones II Kelpies: 77275

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This is the first of two little predatory underwater plant-creatures sculpted by Patrick Keith.

I had originally planned to paint them like kelp, but I think they turned out more like bok choy. Such is life in the vegetable kingdom.

Their faces are really that featureless, with nothing but eerie eyespots.

This one is 92691, which has a single skull on its base.

WIP thread here.

post-8022-0-95075800-1431966006.jpg post-8022-0-95951300-1431966116.jpg

post-8022-0-29766600-1431968398.jpg post-8022-0-42995500-1431968432.jpg

post-8022-0-27088000-1431968484.jpg post-8022-0-02421400-1431968544.jpg

Second Kelpie photos to follow shortly.

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This is the second of Patrick Keith's Kelpies, 92692.


It has two skulls on its base and a really regrettable flash line right across the upper chest.


I love how the kelp fronds twist and look so sinuous and wild and different at different angles.
















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Nicely done, you captured the sea feel very well.

I kind of like this picture, which was the second Kelpie off in the corner of a much bigger photo while all the focus was on the first one in the center.  It is just enough out of focus and oddly lit to begin to look really watery.



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Great stuff.


Love the greens

THESE greens are BAD for you!

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Very pretty Kelpies! They look kind of spookie with the 'facelessness'...

Great stuff.


Love the greens

THESE greens are BAD for you!


You mean the paint, or the characters? :devil:


Sorry, could not resist the tease Pingo!




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