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Citadel Lord of the Rings - Moria Goblin prowlers


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I finally finished these Goblin Prowlers last weekend after starting them about a month ago during my Moria Goblin push. Unfortunately, and, I guess rather predictably, I got sick of painting Moria Goblins, and they sank to the back of the front of my queue. I took them to work a couple of times. but there were just too many of them to get anything substantial done, so they sat for a little while. I finally split them into two groups and took them to work last week to get stuff done in a more focused manner, and then finished them off on the weekend.


As with this sort of thing, I put more effort into these than I do with faceless plastics, but still - they're not exactly models that inspire my top-tier paintjobs. I also wanted them to look grotty and grubby, so after my usual highlighting and shading I gave them a glaze/wash of AP Soft Tone. One commentator remarked at one point that they felt that the Moria Goblins were Ochre rather than Green, but my reviewing of both stills as well as and statues and other such merchandise makes them pretty well green. Though it's more of a light olive. I'm using Citadel Foundation Gretchin Green (sadly discontinued) as a base, then highlighting it with blends into VGA Rotting Flesh. They do blend upwards into yellow-greens, but Ochre really seems to be something based off this particular still, which can be found with more than one tone to it anyway. Either way, this tone fits the Moria mob much more than the traditional Goblin Green of my (and many other) WHFB Orcs and Goblins.


Both pics here just pulled from pages on the intarwebs, with no touch-up by myself except for resizing and renaming.



How Green is my Goblin?



All depends on the light or filter, I guess?




In Kings of War they'll be part of my Goblin army, though I couldn't find an appropriate unit for how they're armed - and the actual goblin infantry all seem to be listed as pretty much rabble.




Since this simply won't do, I'll be using the unit profile of a KoM unit - either Foot Guard with 2-handers or perhaps Berserkers - it works legally as the armies can be allied anyway, and it thematically fits the unit. I'll be doing a similar thing with the Gundabad Blackshields when I get around to doing them (probably "regular" Foor Guard). My only real issue is that even Goblin Kings in KoW are Yellow-Bellied, so it'll be a bit odd to have their Elites braver than their leader. Then again... even that kinda works thematically as well if you think about it...




12 for a Regiment of "20", and two leftover for other duties and fill-ins. Unfortunately with only three sculpts there are no fancy-pants models to be banner bearers or leaders, but such is life. Let's face it, I'm way too slack to convert any for this mob! More pics over on the Wordpress for anyone interested in more individual shots rather than the unit-based ones.


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Always nice to see some of these. I have about 100 Moria goblins that have been primed and waiting for paint for the past 4 years. At one point I had plotted a paint scheme out for the skin, but long forgot it. I may just steal yours, it looks so good. :)

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Thanks. I've got several units of the plastics almost ready to go, just waiting on their leaders to be completed. I just looked to see what I have in storage and It turns out I have 11 sprues worth, so that makes 132 more of the little blighters. Not an impossible number, but many more than will be fun to paint. 

44 each of Spear, Bow and Blade. That makes 4x bases of 11 of each (allowing a metal figure as their leaders) for a total of 12 more regiment bases worth of models, so I'll need to work out how many more captains I need. I should (hopefully) be mostly ok-ish for Swords and Bows, but I know I'll be way short on metal Spear Captains. Funny thing is that 11 sprues works out perfectly for my current method of having all but one of the figures on a base be plastic with a metal "leader". 4 bases of each that I can combine in pairs or quads to use as larger units, plus the stuff that's already painted might well be enough for KoW at least. I like a lot of faceless infantry, but I also need to leave space for the cooler stuff like trolls and wargs. (And maybe that Balrog!) 
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