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    • By Pochi
      Here is Josephine Lucero. I have been wanting to paint a pretty girl using pinks and greys for quite awhile. There are birds in Australia called galahs and I just love them. Grey bodies with pink bellies and heads. They aren't the brightest colored birds here but there's just something about them I like.
      I knew I needed a girl wearing a cloak so I could do her dress in pinks but the cloak in greys. The Josephine figure is perfect. I have renamed her Galahni.
      Anyway, advice was given to me to work on my highlights and shadows. I have been afraid to highlight too much. I found a tutorial in the Painting Tips forum on layering so decided to try that with Galahni.
      I was also advised to thin my paints which is what this method depends on so thought I would kill two birds with one stone. (Maybe not the correct phrase since this is inspired by birds?)
      Her face was already done before I got the other critiques but I did tweak it a bit to try and add a bit more shadow and highlight. I did the dress today. She is a little sloppy because I found out sometimes I thinned the paint too much or had too much on my brush. I had a few Oh ____! moments!
      Ok, do I need to take the highlights up one step further?
      Comments and critiques welcome!

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