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The technique seems to work very well, though it's brought it to my attention that I might need to grab some different shaped color shapers to create fewer creases in the greenstuff for more cylindrical shapes like the muzzle.
I did just add some more detail tonight but I'm dead tired so photos will pop up tomorrow.

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Green stuff cure times "need to know" after about 15 minutes of the stuff I use 50/50 mix it will keep sharp edges, the newer and hotter it is the rounder the edges will be. Smoothness also depends alot on how long it been hardening and what you use to smooth. I use spit and some water depending on how hurried i am lol.

You seem to be trying to add to much detail to quick green stuff and most other 2 part epoxy's tend to be get a design and build up rather then being able to sculpt into. Which is why I quit greenstuff I carve into things I have trouble with building out.

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The technique seems to work very well, though it's brought it to my attention that I might need to grab some different shaped color shapers to create fewer creases in the greenstuff for more cylindrical shapes like the muzzle.

I did just add some more detail tonight but I'm dead tired so photos will pop up tomorrow.


I would recommend buying a couple of size #2 clay shapers, I know a lot of people like to use size #0 but my main three clay shapers are a size#2 chisel, a size#2 half-round and a size#0 taper point. Larger tips make it easier to blend a larger area. It's much the same as painting, it's the shape of the tip more than the size of the brush that matters when you are working on a miniature.

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Alright, I did do a bit more fiddling today, I started off with the top half of the head and then let it dry overnight and messed with the bottom half today.  Probably not the best idea but this head is there for me to practice on.  I did a bit of texturing, and tried to depict the 'cheek poofs' though I can see that I might actually have to sculpt little cones and add them to the cheek and make the fur texture on them to give them the tufts as depicted in the drawing.  Though I feel like I'm slowly getting the hang of it all, and that by the time I finish it I can get the one on the figure to look proper.




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Alright, did some more stuff, added some horns which really need some more work and smoothing.  The dreads on the other hand I'm kind of proud of.  I'll texture it once it hardens a bit more, but even then I think it's going along nicely.




Also worked on the body some more but I'll post up a proper picture once I've made some notable progress.

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