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Fat dragon minis?

The Basilisk

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There's a LOT of dragons out there. Most of them have adopted a pretty standard sleek/spiny body plan, but I want a chubby one. A big, sluggish, brutish, ugly one.

The best bets I've found are the blue and white prepaint dragons that WOTC put out a while ago and GW's pre-hobbit LOTR dragon, but they just don't match what I want.
Anyone here know of any?


Bonus points* if its still regal and majestic while still being tons of fun.





*I'll make two new forum accounts and like your post with them.

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Have you been following the Conan boardgame kickstarter?  It's already ended, but I don't know if it's OK to link photos from a KS page.  At any rate, check out the latest update from that campaign.  There's a big chunky dragon that (IMHO) kinda looks like the shar pei of dragons.  He doesn't have wings, but you could easily add some.  I doubt a dragon of his build would fly anyways.

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Linked in a separate post so it's easy for a mod to delete if necessary.  



Pictures and links to pictures are fine. It's the links to commerce sites and web stores other than Reaper that will get a mod to come in and bat you.


That's a pretty nifty figure there too.

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