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Pathfinder Red Dragon

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I've been a long time lurker and haven't been really good about tracking my painting, but I figured it was time.


My current project is a Reaper Bones Red Dragon. So far, I have most of the base coating down (sans base and claws). I've been attempting a bit of wet-blending on the wings, but I think they need more work. Looking at the picture, I also see some more mould lines that could use some work. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the progress.


Colors used so far (my base is my darkest color):


Body: Blood Red

Wings: Dark Elf Skin triad

Horns, teeth, etc: Bone Shadow

Belly: Tanned Leather





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Colors Used:


Body: Blood Red, Fire Red, Phoenix Red, Fire Orange; Pine Green/Some dark brown (forgot which) wash

Horns/Teeth: Bone triad; Brown Liner towards base of horns

Wings: Dark Elf Skin triad

Claws: Midnight Blue, Noir Black, Rainy Grey, Snow Shadow, Aircraft Grey, Linen White - was going for a little bit of a NMM look

Belly: Tanned Leather triad

Base: Stone triad; Muddy Brown/Leaf Green wash. Lots of Brown Liner lining

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