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Monster Designed 3D Dice For Miniatures and Board Gamess

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About this project

Hello, firstly, thank you for taking time out of your day to check out my project on Kickstarter. My Name Is Anthony, I’m an independent developer and I’m also a huge table top and board game enthusiast.

The idea behind this project was to turn your normal D6 Dice into a work of art, something that looks just as good as the Armies on your battle field and looks just as awesome as the cards/board on your board games. For me to achieve this I didn’t just want to just add some basic etching, I wanted to go 3D and give the dice some serious attitude and features. As well as making the dice 3D I wanted the consumer to have the ability to print the dice using 3D technology.

The five original dice concepts are inspired by a number of fantasy based creatures; we have the Monster Dice, Vampire Dice, Undead Dice, Werewolf Dice, and the Orc Dice. The Dice are made from high detailed resin to bring out the detail and to enable the consumer to paint them with ease. The dice themselves measure 16MM; this is the most common size of dice used in gaming, however, we have also included a 19MM Version of the dice and a 25MM Version. Every dice has the art placed where the number 6 would be situated; they are perfect for collectors, gamers and hobbyists. Special care has been taken to ensure the resin is protected when the dice is rolled by making the edges rounded.

All dice in this project are printed by independent 3d printers, I have chosen to source the manufacturing process this way due to it been a Kickstarter funded project. I would much rather funding was giving to small companies and independent start-ups rather than manufactured in china. The Dice once printed will be shipped to me and then each dice is clipped, sanded and finally oiled.


Please click the images to get a detailed view.

e60aaa6dccbb7a0c6a8ea619fa8f83fe_originaSea Monster

0ad0dde85ad6d5710b7177f0aabb1bb7_originaUndead Dice

cd0a42254cc371c6b7aa9f363a149655_originaVampire Dice

9cedfc4ab44bc67305aee85389a21d31_originaWerewolf Dice

22b5f88e72c30fa8d5055c903588a6c7_originaOrc Dice

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For some reason, I want to use these more for a unique monster encounter than actual dice.


"There is a large cube in the corner with dots on the sides."


"I take a closer look."




And much hilarity ensues.

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It seems like the dice would be terribly unbalanced. I would also worry about dirt/bacteria getting in there around a typical gaming table. A wipe with a cloth works for most dice, but I don't think it would work too well here. They do look interesting though.

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