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WIP: Treasure Horde atop a Broken Column Display Base

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Dang you, now I need to go out and get a trivet...


Don't forget the silicone part ... you need a Silicone Honeycomb Trivet.



Yes, sir.



As you were, soldier!



FYI, I got this one at a Christmas Tree Shop. (Wikipedia)  "Christmas Tree Shops are bargain stores, selling everything from food to toys to household furnishings to Christmas decorations."  They are fairly popular among the family for regular trips to Syracuse or Rochester.

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Cup is basecoated and here is a test with the nuggets and two weapons.




Just trying to gauge how much treasure I am going to place.


I am leaning towards a "horde" of coin, nuggets, objects and weapons.  Thoughts welcome.

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Well, first batch of coins is finished.  Using Reaper's New Gold paint and four mix and dry sessions I got relatively full coverage of the loose coins.


So, here's the coins in the shaker waiting for paint to be added and afterwards when dumped on to wax paper:


post-7739-0-97898100-1433266310.jpg post-7739-0-85770900-1433266317.jpg


Here's the coins near the end of the mix and dry sessions:




And here's the coins mixed with gold nuggets (from plant decor package) and a beat up gold cup as a test pile of treasure:




The coins tended to stick into coin stacks, so I had to break them all apart after each mix and dry.


Once applied to the base and glued into place, I will spot paint more gold for the upper most pieces of coin to get some better highlights and glints.


Thoughts and what not are welcome.

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So, it's been a while since I pulled this out and worked on it.  Part of the reason for that was the coin creation was a pain and I was having issues with some of the treasure items I wanted to add.


However, in my once a quarter trip to Joann's with my wife, she needed fabrics for the school play, I found Diamond Dotz in the clearance section.  I always start in the clearance section.  


The colors in clearance were all bland and of no real significance when I first looked at them.  I've looked at the craft project in the past and considered it as a gift for various family members, especially during the last year and a half. 


An example of Diamond Dotz:

Dragon Princess


I moved on and wandered my usual route, but as usual clearance items have that tendency to continue niggling at your subconscious while pacing the store.  Then it really dawned on me.  Rubies, emeralds and sapphires... the Diamond Dotz have pre-made bevels that resemble small gems.  Not only that but the clearanced colors were actually the color of coins.  Not metallic, but the base metal colors.


So I bought a few at the clearance price of 97 cents a small canister for the currency and "full price" for the gem stone colors of $1.99.  Thats still cheaper than the MRP of $2.69.


Now the plan is to glue down the coins in layers.  An underlayment that will be dark washed in case some of it is visible.  A primary layer that will be the coins, gems, and objects which will get a standard wash.  Then a final highlight layer of bright coins that stand out at the tops of piles and edges of the granite and marble.  That layer will get dry brushed with a white highlight like my preferred white, Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil.


I mixed a quick example of the Dotz on the base for a preview:




Looking at the pick and seeing how dull the resin is, I may do a dry brush on each layer of treasure just to create the illusion of metallic.


It's always nice to find inspiration for a dropped project.  The gods know I have enough of them.  But that is part of my fun, first by thinking of them, then eventually realizing them.


As always...

Stay Safe, Stay Tuned and Enjoy!

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