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With the majority of my painting backlog cleared, I decided to start on some of the Bones II models. Being a fan of the undead, and having bought additional skeletons I decided on this batch of ten models to start off with.


The models were cleaned up, washed and then glued to some round bases, green stuff was then used to finish these off prior to a black undercoat.




The models were then left out to dry for a bit, I plan to dry brush the bone onto these models to give them an ancient dirty look..




As always comments or suggestions welcome.

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As this is WIP thread I will actually attempt to do one.


First up a gave the models a coat of Alien Flesh.






There will be another for step for this before I put a wash/ glaze on the bones to prevent them looking as chalky.


As always comments or suggestions welcome.


I haven't decided if I want to give them glowing eyes.

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Some more progress on these ten models. I decided to finish the dry rushing before putting any glazes on. I am thinking brown and some green.

Colours used for this are the following: Vampiric Shadow, Vampiric Skin and finally (you guessed it) vampiric highlights.




As always comments welcome.

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Some more progress on these beasties.

As I wanted to give them a old/ ancient damp tomb look, I randomly stippled some green paint onto the skeletons using Grass Green and FoW German Cam Dark Green. These don't look too bad in daylight, and with a coat of army painted strong tome over the top it should have the desired look.



I have also added the wood using GW Mournfang Brown and Skrag Brown and a highlight.


One thing that did dawn on me whilst I was painting these models is that the skeleton archers don't have a quiver so they can't be that scary after firing one arrow unless they then just want to brain you with the bow.


Anyway comments welcome.

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 Nice. I should paint up a few of mine before I sacrifice the rest of them to the conversion gods - the guy resting his axe on the ground is now a skeleton wizard rocking a robe and staff, lol, and some of the others are starting to look good for getting parted out as bits and scenery.

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Some more progress on a few of the skeletons, not really had much time to finish these off but I hope to do so by then end of the week.


A shot of the archer before I did some more work.



And then a different photograph the archer can be seen in the photo nearly complete bar for a wash and some touch ups.




As always comments welcome.

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