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Clowns from PaizoCon 2015; We did a BAD THING!

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A while back I played Mage Knight, and painted a Gravedigger up as Ronald McDonald. It was the creepiest thing in an entire army of creepy things.

For all that Ronald McDonald is supposed to be cheerful and happy and funny, I have found that painting ANYTHING up as Ronald McDonald turns it creepy. Why is that, I wonder?


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I don't know, the Burger King is pretty creepy too.


Maybe Wendy's is safer??




Or Taco Hell??

Well she's at least a real person.

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Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the "Insane Clown Posse" :lol: I know ReaperBryan got a picture. He also painted a super creepy little pastel clown with a crossbow. I think it was a dwarf...


Maybe if he has time, he can post a picture here  ^_^

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So this is Cosmo's Clown Cabal, kind of a crazy clown gang, or an insane posse or something.

Shannon did the golem, I did the Gauntfield and the Duergar, and Redambrosia did the wolf.

Cutebutpsycho did Ronald, noting this picture because he's chilling in a nightmare version of McDonaldland.


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    • By redambrosia
      I've got three player characters and a random demon.
      The first is a kobold mage, from 03024 Kobold Leader and Sorcerer. I filled out his robes and cloak so he wouldn't be raggedy. The character is a terramancer, so I should have replaced the fire with earthy stuff, but I wasn't feeling that creative.

      Next is the half-leprechaun, for our irish-heritage player  He's made from 50307, Mr. Grimm and a now faceless bones guy. I just cut off that guy's face and attached it to Mr. Grimm, who had his face ground down. I also filled in the robotic arm and ground off the back pack connector. Turning the hand into a humanoid hand didn't work too well, so don't look at that.

      The last player character is a new version of my doll mage, Eloria, made from 03648, Hyrekia. I liked her better than my previous.

      And last is 77258 Blood Demon. Just a random bones mini I finished.

      I hope you enjoy!
    • By redambrosia
      ... and they all fall down. Where they blind-folded or something?!
      Druid! This is actually the first mini I ever bought, well over ten years ago. At the time I couldn't imagine painting her (those tiny eyes!) and figured she'd just be metal coloured. Obviously, things have changed. I decided that I wanted her to be a more colourful druid, because nature is colourful, so why are druids always in boring green and brown? And then her bird ended up being a parrot.

      This is the mini for my Hubby's dragonborn paladin, Sharoc-Pel. Hubby wanted him fairly simple and non-fancy, so I stuck with steel coloured armour for him.

      This is Rokori, my Little People Beauty Pageant entry. She's a guard for the King of the dwarves, which is what the symbol on her shield is meant to be. When I entered her in the pageant she actually wasn't done, but I didn't notice until too late that her belt buckle was unfinished. So this is the finished version, with the shield on her belt buckle too.

      And last is the polar bear. It was painted up as familiar for a snow elf character. She has a name, but durned if I remember it Went with warm whites for this polar bear and put some snow effect on her paws, between her claws. She has yet to bloody anything.

      Hope you enjoyed them and my silly joke
    • By redambrosia
      My first item is a mini my brother in law sent me, presumably to paint for him (he included no notes or instructions). It didn't come in a package and it had no markings, so I have no idea who made it. I actually struggled with it for a while, because there's a lot going on, but eventually realized that after I got the basic colours on it I could just splotch some red in there and hit it with a brown wash and it would look good and dirty. As though it had been through a battle... duurrrrr! So it's basic tabletop quality. And since he didn't pay with chocolate, which is the agreed upon price for my services, that's what he gets!
      ETA: Thanks to Wyvernfire I know that the body pile is from the Gamers: Hands of Fate KS and it's official name is the Mound of Dead Bards. Apparently someone didn't like their singing...

      Next I have my half-orc priestess conversion of the bones version of Seelah, Iconic Paladin. I cut the shield off her back, the helmet out of her arm, the scabbard from the inside of her cloak, and gave her a club. Then I tried to use some Golden brand goop to smooth out the cloak, but it didn't work very well and left a weird texture that I couldn't get rid of. Oh, and I replaced the helmet with a box of chocolates for RP reasons
      Anyway, I eventually just got sick of trying to make her look better and decided that sub-tabletop quality would suffice. I kind of wanted to set the cloak on fire But I love the little box of chocolates (it is Whitman's chocolates!)

      Speaking of conversions, here's my bionoid gal, the changed form of #143 (Spelljammer character). Underneath all the green and brown stuff is Marie, the chronoscope robot. In hindsight it probably would have been easier to get one of their sculpting dollies and make her using that.... but I didn't know they had those when I started
      And yes, she's very shiny, but I want her that way. Her exoskeleton is supposed to look like a beetle shell, so I figured it would be shiny. It just looks awful in pictures.

      Finally, here are my other two firewalls. I decided I would do a little OSL effect with them, unlike the first two.

      Anyway, enjoy! Comments and suggestions welcome
    • By redambrosia
      When I decided to enter the Painting Excuses contest I thought about painting Kyrie as Little Red Riding Hood (Pingo made mention of it when she came out and the idea has been rattling in my head ever since). But as I prep-ed her, it occurred to me that it would take very little to turn her into a barbarian version of Princess Mononoke. I mean, wolf cape!
      So I filled out her skirt with green stuff and covered the wolf face with a round blob to make the mask. I ended up wishing I had had made the mask bigger though.
      I used the rosy skin triad on her, blackened brown, shield brown, ginger cookie... and some tan on her armour bits. I know I started with ginger cookie for the cloak, and ended with white, but I don't remember the in-between colour (painting journal, what's that? )
      And as usual, my camera washed out the work I did on the white. Honest to Sophie, there's actual shading and whatnot on that fur cloak

    • By redambrosia
      My Spring Exchange buddy, EbonStorms, requested "something unusual from the Chronoscope line". Now, most of the Chronoscope line can be described as such but I set out to fulfill the request. He also said he'd be playing a mini skirmish game called Vortex, which based on what I found online, sounded like it included sci-fi, post-apocalypse, western, or basically anything you felt like throwing in there.
      At my LGS I found something I figured fit the bill pretty well. Studio 2/Pinnacle Entertainment Group mini, manufactured by Reaper as a part of the Savaged Worlds line, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. There were a number to choose from, but I finally narrowed it down to the Toxic Shaman or the female Templar. Then I decided to send both
      I decided to go with the toxic theme for the shaman, and gave him snake skin pants, based on the rainbow boa snake. The iridescent sheen I made with "pearl" paint, a teeny bit of blue, a teeny bit of green, and a teeny bit of purple (seriously, not even a full paintbrush poke). Then I watered it way, way, waaaaaaaay, way down. Way down. Then I prayed I had watered it down enough and put it on his pants.... and I had watered it down enough! And I remembered to breath
      Anyway, the browns are reaper's blackened brown, shield brown, dark skin, dark skin highlight, ginger cookie, oiled leather, umm.... something else... I used a lot of brown. For the green I used christmas wreath base, then citadel warpstone glow, then reaper alien goo to make it all glowy. His eyes are alien goo cloured too His skin was based in redstone highlight, then tan flesh, then tan highlight.
      I'm really pleased with him. Hubby didn't want me to send him away He said he had a really cool idea for a NPC. I told him to buy me another and I'll paint him again

      I'm somewhat less pleased with the templar girly, if only because of how her bug friend went on the base. I dry fit him before hand, but once everything was painted up, the darn bug refused to go in how I wanted and I ended up having to put him facing the wrong direction and do a bunch of filling with the golden corse pumice gel (which is super neat stuff, btw). Darn pinning.
      Anyway, I did her skin in the tan skin triad. Her hair is black, with nightmare black highlights (so... blue!). Her wrap is the same christmas wreath, warpstone glow, but before the alien goo, I put down a layer of minty sample paint to get a jade-ish colour. I don't even remember the blues I used on her jeans I do know I used redstone, pumpkin, redstone, brown liner, and tan for the base (his base too, I think I used more pumpkin on his).

      And apparently she found some booze on the way to EbonStorms, because she's more tilty in the picture he showed. Bad girl!
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