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Goblin Samurai standing on another goblin Samurai


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I'm pretty sure that's a Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) goblin, but my Google fu is failing to find a picture of that one.

The only one I can find is this one (so far).


Now I need one of these too! 

and what are SL 5-7? 

off to the search engine! 

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Now I need the following:          

Goblin on Hog - Shadowland Horde (SH85) 

Oni (Demon) - Shadowland Horde (SH67)

Goblin Shaman - Shadowland Horde (SH37)

Goblin - Shadowland Horde (SH34) or SH 35 with weapon swap. 

SL8 (pictured above)   

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Hah!  I got that guy!  Brother Jim is correct - this is a Shadowlands Goblin Mini for the game "Clan War," a miniatures wargame based on the CCG "Legend of the Five Rings."  There was an RPG as well, but it started out as a CCG.


The reason the goblins are standing on each other is that since this is a war game, the minis represent individuals within the units.  Since goblins are small, they occupy about half the space as humans.  The sculptors got very creative in depicting how they occupy the same 1" square.


I'll see if I can't snap a few photos of the ones I have.  They came in a set of three or four, as I recall.  I think I have all but one.

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