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Through the looking glass WIP

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Another day, another new WIP thread (at least I finished one this time).


Having a go at my Guild of Harmony steampunk set, Dorothy still intimidates me so I'm starting with Alice:-




Her feet were way too tiny to pin, so it's gone up the back of her dress (no idea how I'm going to attach her to a base, but that's a problem for future Aku-chan to solve).


First attempt to paint her face didn't go very well (her eyes are tiny, it's going to be a theme with this one I think), after a scrub down the second attempt went better:-




Skin is Vallejo Flat Flesh, given a Flesh Shade Wash and highlighted with Flat Flesh and 1:1 Flat Flesh/Linen White, with Sapphire Blue eyes and Splattered Crimson lips.


I'm using the Blonde 'Disney Alice' colour scheme, I can still only do dirty blonde though but it does seem to work well with whatever that hairstyle is. It's a base of Oiled Leather, then a coat of Palomino Gold (I had to cheat and drybrush some of it), a Sepia Wash then another coat of Palomino Gold.

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 Maybe turn the pin into one of the legs on a tea party chair?


That sounds a little beyond my non-existent sculpting skills, but I'll file the idea away as a maybe.


Since Alice is in a sort of landing pose, my current basing plan is to have her jumping through a mirror to reach Wonderland. I feel it's a big step up from my current basing skill level though, so that's still only a maybe at the moment too.

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Now she's looking a bit more Alicey!


Didn't get too far, painted her goggles and based her dress in Vallejo Andrea Blue, then I got confused by her arms (too many layers) so I stopped to look up examples.

Apparently her arms are a combo of bare skin, weird arm stocking thingys and leather bracers, so I'll work on that tomorrow.

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Finished off the material parts of her dress.

The blue parts were shaded down with 1:1 Vallejo Andrea Blue/Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue, then highlighted up first with 1:1 Andrea Blue/Linen White then 1:2 Andrea Blue/Linen White.

The white trim and apron started with a basecoat of Rainy Grey then I applied Linen White. Looks pretty good in hand, though it'll be a while before I'm willing to tackle bigger things in white.

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Wow this is looking fantastic the blue is perfect


Yeah, I really lucked out with the Andrea Blue being so close to the blue I was looking for.







I'm not doing very good chronicling these projects at the moment, each individual painting session doesn't seem to generate enough progress to warrant an update, but before I know it I'm finished!


Deviated from the 'Disney Alice' colour scheme I was following and went for black stockings (I was worried white stockings would just look unpainted), they were based in Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue, and highlighted with 1:4 Dark Prussian Blue/Linen White.

Did my best picking out all the wrinkles in her stockings, but they were very tiny, then I glazed with the blue to blend them in a bit.


The leather parts were based in Oiled Leather, given a Brown wash, then highlighted with Oiled Leather and 1:1 Oiled Leather/Yellowed Bone.


The steel metallics are my usual Oliy Steel recipe (I had to paint on the hole of her blunderbuss, it bent alarmingly when I tried drilling it out earlier), her windup key was based it Vallejo Hammered Copper, given a brown wash and drybrushed with Vallejo Brassy Brass.


Caterpillar was based with Vallejo Light Green, given a green wash, then reapplied the Light Green. His belly and legs were then painted Yellowed Bone.


Just need to paint the dials on her blunderbuss and wrist gadget (I was a bit shaky towards then end of today's painting session and didn't want to risk it) and she'll be all done.


Started turning my mind to her base. Need to rethink my original plan (tiny mirrors are rather expensive), but I need to have her jumping off something for her leg pose to look right.

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With Alice finished I've turned my attention to her base.

Not really sure what I was trying to achieve, but I used some little cork discs (I'd mistakenly brought a while ago) to make some columns. These I'm going to paint black and white and have Alice jumping from one of the higher ones.


I've primed it and started on the black columns, but you can't see much, so I'll leave the pics until I've got the white ones done.

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Base is mostly finished at this point, just need to drybrush Rabbit with Oily Steel when he's dry and paint his watch. I know I should paint him white but, much like Alice's stockings, I was worried it would just look like I forgot to paint him.

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