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03155: Vandora Waverunner, Pirate

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So I'm painting up this figure as a PC because I haven't anything quite suitable.  She's a ship's captain from a strange corner of the world with hyperbolic geometry.  I am planning to do a little hyperbolic graph based on some of M.C. Escher's designs on her parchment.


It also accounts for the shape of her hat, which is an ahistoric error based on a misunderstood flat image of a perfectly ordinary tricorne hat.  Not that I blame Ridolfi for that.  That hat has entered pop culture the same way "Juliet caps" have, and with as little historical reality.


Anyhow, I can lay the hat's shape at the feet of hyperbolic geometry, so hey.


I started with a priming of Titanium White paint.  The paint is pretty thin and translucent, much less opaque white than it appears in the photograph.



I stuck her to a little jar with some poster tack and washed her with Burnt Umber to bring out the details.



I love the details on this figure.  The skull on her hat seems to be giving the o.O look.



I was working with some pink, so I warmed it up a bit and painted her face.



I think she looks a little sinister at the moment.  I think it might be the shadows under her eyes and the eyebrows.


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I painted her parchment and the lining of her coat.  Since my yellow was kind of translucent (a common problem in this post-Cadmium era), I laid down an opaque pale parchment yellow first.



Then I painted over that with my brighter, more transparent yellow.


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Sadly, coverage of that yellow is still suboptimal. It may take 2-3 more thinned layers. I like the color scheme so far! What are you going to put against the yellow?

I'm not too worried about it since I will be layering on shading and highlighting.  The coat itself is going to be red, the hat black with gold trim, the trousers buff or possibly golden tan, and the shirt (with tiny frills at the wrists -- I love the detail on this model) linen white.

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I mixed a slightly more golden yellow and painted in some shading.

post-8022-0-04795000-1433208062.jpg post-8022-0-97521700-1433208067.jpg




I deepened the shading, added some yellow highlights, and painted her hat and sword and belt buckle black (I'm planning to paint reflections on the sword, then paint over that and the belt buckle with translucent metallic silver).

post-8022-0-86887500-1433208166.jpg  post-8022-0-20527700-1433208174.jpg

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I painted her coat scarlet.  Reds have similar problems as yellows, so I painted it in layers.


First I mixed an opaque deep rose pink from Titanium White, Quinacridone Magenta, and a little Red Iron Oxide.  I actually think the pink and yellow color combination is a nice one and I may use it somewhere else.

post-8022-0-09877700-1433524881.jpg post-8022-0-98992100-1433524886.jpg


Then I mixed up a deep (but transparent) blood red from Red Iron Oxide and Quinacridone Crimson (Red Iron Oxide is an opaque color, but it is also somewhat dull.  There isn't enough in this mix to make it more than thinly translucent.).

post-8022-0-18703700-1433525012.jpg post-8022-0-56943800-1433525018.jpg


This is a good technique for handling transparent colors.  It's also good for making colors look really vibrant.

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