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89010: Damiel, Iconic Alchemist

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Was in the mood to paint a hero. This guy had looked like an interesting miniature for a while. I'm not that familiar with the pathfinder iconics (Reaper introduced me to them) but I like how he's a male hero but doesn't conform to a very stereotypical-looking typecast kind of hero. Of course you need your standard heroes too. But sometimes nice to have something a little different. Anyways, nothing special here. Tried to line his jacket and couldn't get it right so ended up just using a wash then painting over instead. Reaper triad [muddy, earth, leather brown] served pretty well and seems to make a nice leather-looking color when I need it.


Kept him as pale as I could. Hair didn't turn out as nicely as some hair I've done in the past but it was okay. Bottles were kind of fun. I'd wanted to try a frosting look on the bottles but I chickened out. Apologize for some of the photos being poor focus. Comments/criticism welcome.







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If you have clear gloss those bottles will pop even more like they were glass.  Or in the future a tiny bit of platinum metallic in this the color makes the bottles sparkle like its magic.  Bottles are so much fun.  I did a pirate army once, pirates have lots of bottles.


Nice job on the book.


Right now his coat looks like it is all the same type of leather and same thickness (very thick and rigid).  I would pick which areas he would want thick and leave as is and then pick the areas he'd want more flexible and highlight those more to make them look thinner and less rigid.  Or if he is really fashion forward highlight and shade those areas a darker or redder shade so they are not only thinner but two different shades of leather.  He has all these leather piece strategically placed like armor but bottom and part sticking out by the armpits I would imaging would be more flexible for movement sake.  The different textures would help sell how neat of a design the coat is.

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