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Bones II 92680: Swamp Troll

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This one started out primed with Reaper Brown Liner (not shown).


First I very thinly washed color over it, green on the base and two shades of blue over the body, allowing the Brown Liner to show through.




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Nice, Curious to see how this will turn out, let me get the popcorn.

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In your first images I always wonder what on earth is going on, and by the end I'm blown away. Can't wait :P

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I put a great deal of subtle greens on the base (and some on the troll), but it appears the only picture I took of the process was this one, highlighting a nice little touch on its base, a fish skeleton.  You can see a bit of the greens and golds and russets I used to blend a convincing terrain.



I had an ivory mixed up so I painted in its teeth and eyes.




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This time I worked in almost all purples (and a bit of yellow).


I mixed a transparent deep purple from Phthalo Green and Quinacridone Magenta and washed it all over the troll and the rock, or whatever it is, on the end of its club.









I brushed on some lighter violets and painted its eyes.








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In photos the figure looked good, but on the painting table it looked like shades of black.  So ...


Today I worked mostly with assorted different blues, bringing it lighter...





... and lighter ...





... and lighter ...





... and lighter (with some medium purple added on the creature and the club end) (oh, and at some point I washed some grubby brown over its teeth).






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Thanks!  One of the more amusing but true comments I saw about my work recently was that it starts out looking like a mess, and then over time I pull it together.


I hope it gives encouragement to other people to try things and experiment and not to worry if it looks goofy at some stage of the process.


Anyhow, I washed some dark brownish-black over the creature's club and its shadowed areas.





And then I brushed some grey-brown old wood color mixed from Raw Umber and Titanium White over the club.


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