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Bones II Turtle Warriors: 92684, 92685

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These are two turtle warriors which came in the Bones II set "Swamp Things."


They look like they are based on alligator snapping turtles, so I think I am going to paint them the mud-brown camouflage the critters have in real life.


For the moment I have primed them with Reaper's Brown Liner, sloshed some green on their bases, and glued them to one-inch fender washers.





Something interesting I discovered while gluing them: Dried epoxy peels right off of parchment paper.  This could prove useful, and I think I'm going to start a thread on it in painting tips.

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And speaking of sloshing colors, I sloshed more green over the epoxy on the bases and threw some deep taupe brown on the turtles and some paler golden brown on their plastrons (belly plates).





Some of the alligator snapping turtle reference photos showed greenish backs (maybe algae, I don't know), so I mixed a medium olive and put some of it on one turtle's back (and both of their bases).  I also washed a little Burnt Sienna over the bases and painted the turtle-shell shield of the other warrior like the shell of an Eastern Box Turtle (an inoffensive little forest-dwelling turtle).  The shield is still roughed in at the moment.



I mixed a much paler lime green and stippled some over the base to make it look more like vegetation.



Then I mixed a slightly deeper, browner green and added some highlights to the back spikes of the greenish one.  I also mixed a paler taupe and brushed some highlights on the back of the other one, and on their fronts too (in the photographs it looks almost pure grey, but in real life it's a little more brown).





The last thing I did was wash some black over the turtles for lining.  It's still a little wet in the photos.





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I had some bright yellow mixed up so I started their eyes.


I've been mixing various mussy and deadwoody colors and adding them here and there, on highlights for the light muds and in shadows for the dark muds.





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I dotted their eyes.



I felt the color was getting a little one-dimensional, so I mixed up some transparent purple from Phthalo Green and Quinacridone Magenta for shadows and washes.  It's most noticeable on their weaponry.





Then I lightened up the purple with some white and brushed a bit on for lights.  They are a lot less purple in hand than in photos, especially that last one.








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I mixed up some soft grey-brown from Raw Umber and Titanium White and brushed some highlights on them.





I also mixed up a dull medium-light yellow from Raw Umber and Hansa Yellow Light and Titanium white and added it to some greenish and yellowish areas.

post-8022-0-01028600-1441641816.jpg post-8022-0-49050000-1441641825.jpg


post-8022-0-13942000-1441641839.jpg post-8022-0-73620600-1441641846.jpg


I also shaded some on their weapons.  I think these are very close to done.  They've certainly taken on the muddy tones I was aiming for.

post-8022-0-07907000-1441641948.jpg post-8022-0-40945300-1441641957.jpg


post-8022-0-20883800-1441641970.jpg post-8022-0-59950100-1441641979.jpg

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