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June 2015 Goals

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Wow, another month!


Let's see:

  • Finish my miniature exchange diorama project (up to 4 figures) - sitting at about 40% finished
  • Work on another exchange (vignette) that I'm doing with a friend on the forum - 2 figures (0%)
  • Do a small commission for one of my D&D buddies, the Shoanti Barbarian - DONE!
  • Work more on my brother's diorama, I'm now waiting on a few new pieces and still have 1 figure that I need to finish along with the brand new base, so that'll probably take me off/on another month or two
  • Start on my 54mm Draco the Barbarian. - Primed prepped, ready to be painted when I'm done with other things.
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Finish my princess

Finish my exchange

Start my scribe base

Start my ghost bride base

Continue my Haunted Mansion base

Stop procrastinating


I don't have time for any mini painting after cmon but working on sculpting and basing is super important anyway.

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Ahh June, how enjoy you!


  1. Finish my summer Exchange miniature (50% through already)
  2. Work on 4 commission miniatures
  3. work on a personal miniature or two
  4. Learn how to use Liquid Mask
    • I just bought 2 Vallejo bottles of it.
  5. Go to Michael's Craft Store and look at small wooden cubes to go with a figure i am planning based on Minecraft.
  6. Try and clean and reorganize my desk...
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1. Finish my Exchange mini  done 6/10

2. Build my crashed/buried bus desert terrain piece for my Dr Who game  done  6/7

3. rebuild my Armour Cast Cathedral after it was broken by my son

4. paint 10 scarecrows for The Family of Blood 

5. start working on The Family figures, Prof Smith, Martha, and the Matron


3-5 won't be done cause I have had to    6. repair, resculpt, and repaint about 30 old SAE, Stadden, Scruby, and other miniatures to make them ready for my kids napoleonic game at HCon this year.   Matching 50+ year old sculpts and paint has been more of a task than expected.

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So since he's almost finished Iḿ pretty sure I will finally get my Beloved of Sobek done.


I will then start on my models for the 54mm challenge


I've got Maria Roseblade Pirate Queen Master Series waiting.


Also I have ordered a Kabuki bust - Ky-Ra 1:6 scale for the same challenge ( I blame you Ub3r and Dontfear) :devil:


She will arrive this week.


Those will take months I guess,.


I think I will have to paint a 28mm mini just so I can get something finished instead of going mad.

Thinking about one of the Chronoscope girls I've got laying around.


EDIT: Sobek finished.. Started on Ky-Ra , Maria, Bonnie from Chronoscope and also on two legendarion busts, Hyena and Lion warrior.. OMG what have I done?

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Feeling ambitious this month


Touch up platypod- decided good nuff for now

Paint his friends Shoamita and Frumitty and Echidnox- Got Frumitty done

Design and build their base- Started

Start working on whichever 54mm or in the case of Tuma Windrunner 120mm shows up first.- Started Tuma

Begin working on the waterfall base for Zweothel- Nope

Decide if I want to completely lose my mind and order a nemesis for her.- Kept my sanity

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