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June 2015 Goals

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My goal for this month is:

  • 6 fantasy monster minis
  • 2 dead horses
  • and the ruined tower from the bones set with the dragon


That almost scans for "12 Days of Christmas"



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My only goal is my 54mm this month.

I plan to take my time with him.

I am also hopeful my kitchen will be completed this month so I will have some heavy cleaning to do which will seriously cut into paint time. Also need to sew curtains and towels when kitchen is done.

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Go to reaper

Clean the paint desk

Reorganize the paints *sighs* again

Finish the Viking Lady I started

Don't kill my dad when he asks me to paint something which, distracts me from more important things.

and Just general Painting madness.

Oh and research mermaid skintones 

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  1. Finish exchange mini.
  2. Clean paint area.
  3. Start Crusader mini.
  4. Fit in a tabletop or two if I can.



The big one was #1 and it got completed.  #3 got his mold lines removed before I decided I wasn't interested anymore and switched to a barbarian who has now been prepped.  I was working on #4, but had a bulb burn out on me so I moved on to #2 and started cleaning. 

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