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I am just calling this "Tiik Abomination" because it looks so much like Julie Guthrie's Tiik Warriors, apart from the extra set of arms and what looks like Cthulhu on its loincloth.


But that's just my name for it; I don't know what Reaper will officially call it when it is released in their store.


Anyhow, to start with I prepped and primed it with Reaper's Brown Liner, then washed a light turquoise blue over it and a medium red-orange I had mixed up on the base (because for an undercoat for sand any warm color will do).





I mixed up a cream color and painted the creature's teeth and loincloth and washed a layer of it over the base for sand.




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So he would stop looking like corroded copper, I washed a deep purple (mixed from Phthalo Green and Quinacridone Magenta) all over him and where his shadow would fall.







Then I painted his eyes and brushed a little bit of paler violet on him.

post-8022-0-85094500-1440431752.jpg post-8022-0-73485600-1440431760.jpg

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Today is a day of brushing on lighter coats of blue (several different pigments) and washing more violet shadows, to increase contrast.





I used a more subtle medium blue-grey.





Here more shadows are built up.  You can see them in the arms.



I added some muted blue-green.





I painted the little octopus head on its loincloth an orchid purple.



And I put some higher highlights on it.  These came out a little crude and may need to be toned down a bit.




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I started this painting session with some washes over its dark areas.





I decided to paint its trident like seriously corroded copper.  This is an underlayer of pure Phthalo Green mixed with Titanium White.





I took an extra picture because the flash flattens it out some and makes all the colors look bright.  This is closer to what it actually looks like on the tabletop.



I painted its armor straps a buff grey mixed from Raw Umber and Titanium White and washed some straight Raw Umber (which is pretty transparent) over its seashells and loincloth.





I started painting up some lighter shades of brown on the straps.





Then I put some creamy whites onto its seashell armor and loincloth.  I'm not entirely sure if all the shells on its right shoulder are armor or if some of them are mutant scales.  Oh, well.





The last thing I did was paint some lavender highlights onto the octopus on its loincloth.



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I'd like to ask if anyone can help me identify this thing.  There's an interesting odd lump just under its right ear (arrows).  I can't tell if it's a seashell, a critter, or what.  Any guesses?





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That shoulder thing looks like it has a sort of intake structure, so it could be a sponge. That little appendage on the upper left front (its left, picture right) looks like it might be a claw, so possibly a hermit crab. Can't say for sure. Paint it a contrasting color and maybe it will speak to you.

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Thanks!  It might be a hermit crab; I'm not sure.  Julie Guthrie seems to have a habit of hiding delightful little details on her aquatic monsters.  ... I assume she sculpted this, since she did the other Tiik.


Anyhow, I tossed a little deeper green shadow on the trident while painting some other stuff:

post-8022-0-69992800-1441672394.jpg  post-8022-0-46200600-1441672401.jpg

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The copper looks great!


It's amazing how optical illusions can happen. Clearly, from looking at the other pictures we can see the green was first and the copper came later, but even knowing that my mind still tells me it is a weathered weapon, with corroded green coated then scraped off of the underlying copper. Even the warped nature doesn't detract from the metallic look.


The only thing that seems off to me is that there is no copper on the tip. If it has been wielded as a stabbing weapon, it seems like there should be more exposed copper there (but see below for a possible explanation). On the other hand, where his hand is, there is more exposed copper, and that also makes sense, as repeated friction there would either wear away the green corrosion, or slow it's formation in the first place. Even the blunt end makes sense to be a little less corroded, as he probably uses it as a blunt weapon during combat.


It's another piece that prompts the imagination. Clearly a creature so fearsome doesn't actually even need a trident, he has four long arms with wickedly long and curved talons capable of rending any flesh he comes across. So why the trident? And why is it bent? Perhaps he found it in an ancient shipwreck, corroded beyond recognition. Was it bent there, resting beneath tons of sunken ship? Or did the Tiik Abomination bend it himself, testing it's tensile strength after finding it? Was it magical, was that why it hadn't corroded to dust in the centuries beneath the waves? Is it an ancient artifact, whose power will only be fully revealed after the corrosion is completely gone? Or perhaps it's just a simple old trident, bent because it's wielder is too dumb to use it as a piercing weapon, and instead uses it as a club. This could also explain why there is corrosion on the tips of the spear, as it is being improperly used.

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