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Bones II Eregris Darkfathom, Evil High Sea Priest: 92620

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Continuing the aquatic theme in my miniatures, here's the Bones version of Bobby Jackson's Eregris Darkfathom, Evil High Sea Priest, not yet in general release.


He's got a lot of wonderful robe layers vaguely reminiscent of scallops in their shells, some nasty looking weaponry, and a tiny, difficult-to-reach face inside a fish-shaped helmet.  We'll see if I can do him justice.


Anyhow, to start with the usual prep for Bones: Scrub with a soft toothbrush and dish soap in warm water, trim off some of the flash (I only did a bit of that), and prime with Reaper's Brown Liner, the wonder paint.


I mixed up some ocean blues and started in on the lowest layers of his garments.  His base I painted in a peachy orange I had lying around on the principle that any old warm color works fine as an underlayer for sand.  I also tossed a bit of the orange lightened up on his face tucked in the helmet there.





I mixed what I would call an extremely medium green and painted it over the sort of snakeskin hanging down his front and the fish helmet.





I mixed up an ivory yellow and painted the fish mask teeth, the knob on the end of the fish mask lure, and the sand on the base.  I also brushed a much warmer olive green loosely over the medium green parts, but it may not be easy to see.



Here is the priest's face.  It really is well sculpted and molded, but wayyyy in there.



The last thing I did this painting session was paint his weaponry black. I'm not sure if I'm going to paint it silver or leave it blackish, but either way a black underpainting is the way to go.



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I took a dark, transparent violet (mixed from Phthalocyanine Green and Quinacridone Purple) and washed it over the figure to harmonize the colors (some work still needed).

post-8022-0-74125400-1440432279.jpg post-8022-0-36998900-1440432286.jpg


I brushed a few lights over the blue with some paler violets.



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Some more subtle blue-grey highlights on the bottommost clam-oyster ruffle on his garments and on the green fish-mask and fins, and some lavender on one of his many odd finlike layers of clothing.

post-8022-0-33783700-1440773630.jpg post-8022-0-74474200-1440773637.jpg

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I painted some interference blue paint over his shoulder armor and interference violet over his breastplate.


Normally when painting interference pigments I paint over smooth black.  Interference paints are transparent from most angles, and the black gives a good dark background for them to glow richly from. 


Since this underpainting was uneven brown-black and white, there is a more mottled, chaotic appearance under the glow.




post-8022-0-37642400-1442189269.jpg post-8022-0-93404400-1442189276.jpg

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