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Dave Paints: Bjorn the Hunter [70mm; Basicks]

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Bjorn the Hunter, a 70mm Dwarf from Basicks is my first not-gaming scale mini. I'll be painting him up for the 54mm Challenge.


He's mostly cleaned up, and I've slapped a few pieces together, to see how far I can go before I need to start putting paint on him. He came in 6 pieces: base, body, 2 arms, rifle, and cloak. His cloak covers a LOT of the detail on his back, so I think it will get painted separate.







Rifle + Arm



Body + Arm






Back + Cloak




EDIT: Edited because autocorrupt.


EDIT v2.0: Edited multiple times because autocorrupt.

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Very Cool model and a very nice paint job!

Haven't painted him yet, that's the stock photo to show what he's supposed to look like. Mine won't be anywhere near THAT good.





Don't sell yourself short, I know you can do as good or better with yours.

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I've decided a few things about Bjorn. First, is that I can paint him in two pieces.



The base:



And the Dwarf:





(He's not glued to his base yet, and still needs a bit of gap filling.)



And second, I'm going with a green tabard and brown (or beige) cloak. He is a hunter, after all, and the red just doesn't quite fit. I also won't be using much metal on him, I'm going to go with leather armor, and maybe greenstuff some studs onto it.

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Started basecoating the base. The wood has been basecoated in Brown Liner, the stone and the lock on the chest in VMC German Grey, the brass and the leaves in GW Dark Angel Green (now Caliban Green; very similar to Wreath Green, slightly more blue in tone), and the dirt in GW Scorched Brown (now Rhinox Hide). Very hard to tell on some of the colors, since they're very close to black primer...





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