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Well done. In the pictures it almost looks iridescent.


That's what I was aiming for — I did a zenithal spray of silver over black, and then an overall spray of blue ink to get the base. Then a fairly heavy dry-brush of silver again to pick out highlights, and then more inks, targeted in specific areas — bright green first, then yellow, and finally red.


Apart from the silver dry-brush, it's pretty much all airbrush work, which is why it was so quick. I'd quite like to try out some of the "interference" paints to get irridescence effects, but I've never been able to find any locally.

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Great color choices! And it is nice to see an alternate take on this mini. I already had remorhaz minis so this was the only Bones I didn't get from the first Kickstarter but you may have just sold me on buying one to paint up like a tropical lizard bug, a different type of alien looking monster.

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