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What is your favorite miniatures game rule mechanic?

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AT-43. you choose the order your squads will activate at the beginning of the turn, then it went I go you go one squad at a time. If something happens that makes you need/want to alter the order mid turn, you need to spend an amount of leadership to do so. 


It helped make winning initiative less devastating, because you had to weigh the advantage of leading off with a high damage dealing unit,vs leading off with a squishy unit that might not survive to act otherwise.

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I really like the way crew skill is handled in "Check Your 6" (ww2 air combat). Much like in X-Wing, orders are written down simultaneously and are executed in skill order (least skilled go first). The neat detail in CY6 is that skilled pilots get to react to what they see unfolding. They get to make adjustments to their orders.


A simple mechanic to achieve cool results.

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Defensive strikes in Warlord. I don't like games where my opponent goes first and I have to sit there and take whatever he dishes out and hope I have something left alive by the time it is my turn.

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Some interesting stuff there. Thanks.


Right now, if I have one big take away, it's that most of us like mechanics that keep us involved even if it's not our turn.

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