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Dragons Don't Share 2 In Seven Days!

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Steal away!  For the most part I more or less copied the box art - or at least the closest approximation thereof.  The two notable exceptions are the Fighter and the Dragon.


The fighter on the box art is dressed in more purple garb.  He looks pretty cool in purple garb, but aesthetically the purple didn't do it for me so I changed him.  The dragon I decided to do in blue, rather than red, only because experience has shown me that, at least with the selection of paints I have on hand, the blue would be much easier to paint.  Blue also happens to be a normally underrepresented color in my dragons, so it works out there too.  Green might also have been an option, given that I have no large green dragon either finished or waiting on work, but C'thulhu is green, Khanjira might wind up green, and with two of the big models in green three would be too much green in the display.  Blue thus fills a niche, adds variety, and cut down on my workload for the challenge.  I'd actually go so far as to say choosing blue is probably most of why I finished with time to spare. 

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Awesome work, just pure awesome.


Will definitely steal some of the ideas you showed us when I do mine. (Holding out the figs get made into metal thou..... ::):)


Even though the .gif is awesome, we aren't supposed to embed them in our posts, we are supposed to link them.  :poke:

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