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Unofficial Legendary Encounters figures you would like to see

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I think heroes for PCs would sell. People can enter a shop and see exactly what they want to play as in color, for a reasonable price.


77090 Mason (Would make a good basic rouge)

77033 Callie (Every woman I have seen playing D&D picks this mini)

77047 Goldar (Power fantasy)

Many more really.


I say they will sell, but I could be wrong I like painting my minis.




Eando Kline is a good one. He can represent so many classes and roles.

Rouge, warrior, bard, bandit, tavern patron,...and more. He is also posed nicely for KS III weapons. I have convinced myself to buy another one of him, on my next order.

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I like painting my minis, too, but when I need 40 goblins for an encounter...I don't want to paint my minis anymore. I just use dice.


Please help me rectify this, Reaper, with your non-blind, pre-painted, Bonesium goodness. Goblins, orcs, kobolds, gremlins, lemures, mites, manes, bandits, guardsmen...I need mooks in vast quantities, Reaper. VAST. QUANTITIES.


EDIT: And the Pygmies from "Pygmies and Evil Shrine." Because reasons.

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As an adult, I no longer have time paint, so LE are a god-send.  


My preferences:


1)  Normal Folks:  ordinary town & country folk in medieval dress (or any period dress).  No other pre-painted line is making these (although Pathfinder Battles plans a couple), and these are generally less than exciting to paint.  I need these for crowd obstacles, hostages/captives/human shields, rescue objectives, and non-combatant NPCs.  How can marauders burst into a tavern without patrons to menace?


(Nobles would also be handy, but Pathfinder Battles is slowly providing options.)


2)  Familiars & Animals:  tiny critters are a pain to paint, and many standard adventuresome animals are rare or unavailable:  dangerous aurochs, vicious boar, noble stag!  


3)  Horde Monsters:  the original LE Rats, Skeletons, & humanoids were sensible choices.  The Bones lizardmen would be excellent.


4)  Over-priced Monsters:  the original Bathalian, Dragon, & Spider were appropriate, much too expensive in other lines.


5)  Terrain/Dungeon Dressing:  ordinary objects like plank tables & benches, things that stand out or provide combat options, but are common enough to be used over & over in different locales. 

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I'd love to see the new hobgoblins, gnolls, undying lords, any giants, mountain troll, animals & maybe townsfolk.


Most regular (not special high quality) humanoid models look bad. A bad paint job on a monster is much less noticeable. People don't moan about a badly painted face on an orc, but get one on a human and people post and trash it on forums. 


I buy a fair number of prepainted minis. I don't know what most people buy, but goblins, giants, undead, orcs, kobolds, ogres, animals (everything from pigs to snakes), & guards make up most of my collection. In that order. The monsters that I need a large number of get most of my money. I also have a fair bit of random stuff and some character minis, but that's mostly sale shopping or filling game specific needs. The stuff that I pay a premium for are interesting common enemies. Sometimes, extra high quality character minis like the Paizo iconic sets are worth getting. Most human prepaints look bad, so the higher price for decent quality characters is worth it. 


If Reaper uses the most basic (plain) models in their Bones line to prepaint, they may not sell very well. There's so much competition. If you're going to prepaint kobolds, use the best Bones kobold models you have. Don't paint the plain ones. Same goes for everything else. Cherry pick the best and most unique general use giants, orcs, trolls, goblins, undead, monsters, & characters you have. It also might be worth noting that pretty much every other prepainted miniature line has a few models with colored transparent parts.


Beware of washes. 


Ps. Sorry for the unsolicited rant. 

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I love prepaint Mooks. Especially if they are the same or similar to Bones casts because then I can paint Bones versions for leaders or special Mooks.


I don't really care about zombies, mummies, or skeletons; but goblinoids of various sizes and lizard dudes and rat me, would be cool. Also seconding pesants and town guard of various types.

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