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BELOVED OF SOBEK By Glitterwolf Crocodile Games

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Nice miniature. The base is really well done, too!


He reminds me of that villain from Batman. :D

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I've got that mini sitting around someone. Always intended to paint it up for use as Ammat in my Nefsokar army. Yours is a very nice version.

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This guy came out very well indeed, he has a great organic look and the basing is outstanding

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Hey wombat does dettol work I use pinesol

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I think your paint job is well executed and conveys what you were going for pretty darned well.


I really like the mouth and the upper body scale colors.


Looks like a croc to me.

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    • By Maledrakh
      #54: Dire Crocodile

      "The Enormous Crocodile grinned, showing hundreds of sharp white teeth. "For my lunch today," he said, "I would like a nice juicy little child."
      -Roald Dahl, The Enormous Crocodile
      125x50mm 3D-printed base.

      “Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill and eat you. People are harder. Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first.”
      - Steve Irwin
      #54 Dire Crocodile, from the Dire Consequences subset
      Bones 4 Core set, 2019
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      Oh, the boots to be...

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      Basic paint job on these, a yellowy green coloured primer then a green wash. Then a water effect with gloss mod podge. 

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      Sobek was a complex crocodile god of the ancient Egyptians. He was god of fertility, wild sexytimes and strength, and also a protector against the ravages of the river Nile and its inhabitants.
      The khopesh was a kind of ancient Egyptian sword evolved from a battle axe. The one on this sculpt is a little thicker and more swordlike than most of the ones I've seen, which makes it sturdier on a miniatures scale.
      The figure is Reaper's 14381, Nefsokar Devourer of Ammat, sculpt by Bob Ridolfi. I didn't make a WIP thread.
      I was halfway done with him before I realized that he was supposed to be a stone statue with cracks and chips in the stone. Maybe another time I will paint a version of him like that, but in this case I overlooked the texture and painted him with fairly realistic crocodile and corroded bronze colors.


      And because I like to play around with photography and backgrounds:

    • By Pochi
      This is Reaper's Dire Crocodile. I looked up pictures of Nile crocodiles and used those as a basis for his paint job. He has a lot of detail and was fun to paint. I just need to find/make an appropriate base for him.


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