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Thanks, ub3r_n3rd and Edsterdoom!  By the way, the dinosaurs I ordered are a pack of raptors.  I thought I'd make one or two into his hunting companions/pets.  When I saw them over the weekend they didn't look too big... although I wasn't paying that close attention, so we'll see when they arrive if it will work!


You'll get there with the skin!  It's easier to develop on the bigger figures.  I like to work in those reddish browns for the shadows.  The reds add more life to the figure, but pure red shadows is a bit too much.  Then it's just slowly and carefully building up nice smooth transitions.  Variations in shadows is important too.  This guy is a good example for that, you've got big dark shadows under the armpits, middle of the back, and around the sides of the face.  Then the smaller details on his face and the muscles on his torso have more subtle shadows.  Lately I've started to add a final step of red and purple glazes.  Not everywhere, but in places where you'd like a little more color.  It's a simple step, but can add a lot to the end effect.

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Thanks, Dontfear, vegascat, and pcktlnt!


I'm making more progress on his clothing. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with all the different parts, so I'm starting with the pieces where I know what color I want to use and figuring it out from there. I'm playing around with texture on the leather pieces. The straps involved a lot of short semi parallel strokes, getting lighter at the edges. Meanwhile, the larger patches where done more with stippling. The darker shades were laid down normally, but the highlights were built up with small dots. 


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More progress on Sorondil.  Almost finished with his clothing.  I'm trying to balance the patchwork look of the figure with keeping a cohesive feel overall.  Mostly that involves using a lot of the same colors in the mixes for the different parts of the figure.  The same purples and browns show up in a lot of the sections of the figure.  I've also attached the quiver.  A few more sections to finish and I can finally attach his other arm.



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Not much painting over the past week, but I did spend time working on the base. I wanted to create a primordial forest/jungle scene. I've used sticks for trees in the past, but this is my first time creating one from scratch. This is following tutorials I've seen online, but the short version is take a bunch of wires and twist them together. Then start to pull apart the top and bottom to form the branches and roots. From there, use some sort of modeling compound (I used sculptamold) to give it some thickness and finish the shape. As an optional final step, I used some crackle medium to coat the tree and create some texture.
The ground is cork, covered in more of the sculptamold. Then, using white glue, sand and some small rocks were added for further texture. I plan to go back and add some moss, etched brass foliage, and probably some more hanging bits, but first I'd like to paint what I've got so far.
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