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Sorondil, Dragon (Dinosaur?) Hunter

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Thanks, guy!


Taking a step back from the base, here's an update on the main figure.  With his right arm in place, I went to work on that big freaking spear of his.  Instead of neutral greys for the stone, I used Reaper's Dark Elf Skin triad and the Vampiric Skin Shadow.  It's a bit more interesting than basic grey, and since those colors have already been used on the figure it adds some consistency (Dark Elf triad for the dark scales and mixed into a few shadows, Vampiric Skin Highlight used in a lot of the highlights on the figure).  To further reinforce the stone feel, I drew in a few cracks.  It's simple enough, paint in a thin dark line then highlight along it's lower edge.  You can take the background color and use that to paint next to the lines making them even finer.  If you try to get real thin, you can accidentally cover up the original lines so you just start the process over.  It happened to me quite a few times while working on the spear blade.





Also here's the base with a simple black and grey priming.  I hope to get some actual color onto it in the next few days.


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I've been continuing to work on the base.  After laying down some basic browns for the tree and ground, I used some etched brass from Hasslefree minis to add some plants to the base.  To do the moss (2nd picture), I followed a tutorial from MassiveVoodoo.  It's fine turf (woodland scenics or something similar) mixed with matte varnish.  I think it worked pretty well and it's reasonably well stuck on there, although maybe not quite secure enough for a gaming piece.



After that I went to work painting the foliage and added a little more detail to the base as a whole.  I'm still not finished with the greenery, gotta do the ferns and finish the moss (using glazes/washes to add contrast and color variation).  Still a few bits to do on the main figure and then I've got to weather the entire scene.  There's also his dinosaur companion, but I'm saving that for later.  This piece will be coming with me to the bay area open this weekend, so there's not enough time to get the dino done too.  


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