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Group/Open Challenge! 54mm+ Figures & Busts

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So here it is, THE WIP THREAD for the Group/Open Challenge of 54mm+ scaled figures AND BIGGER (yes, that includes busts)!


Please feel free to add your own WIP pics in this thread. Give credit to the manufacturer and sculptor, but please remember to not have any commerce links in here just like the rest of the forum.


This thread isn't for "Chatter" the chatter thread is over here -------> 54mm+ Challenge Discussion Thread


If you have C&C and advice to give or wish to receive, that's what this thread is for. I ask for the MODS to help keep this as chatter free as possible so that the actual WIP stuff is seen in here. 


FAQ's in Spoiler



Q: What's this all about?

A: To challenge ourselves and break out of the mold of only doing 28-32mm sized models. Also, FUN!


Q: Who can do this?

A: Anyone!


Q: Is there a "deadline"?

A: The only deadline is that which you set. For DF and I, we are both going to try to get it ours finished by the end of the year (2015) in order to also enter into the End of the Year Large Figure Contest.


Q: What sizes are acceptable?

A: Anything that is at or above the 54mm size. So Busts, 72mm, and larger if you want to! 


Q: What about "giants"?

A: If that's the only thing you have, go for it, but the real "challenge" is to try a bigger figure that is 54mm scaled rather than a larger figure from the 28mm scale. There are some outlying cases where the figure is pretty close to being perfectly proportioned to the 54mm scale, but isn't "technically" 54mm, go for it, have fun!


Q: When are you/we starting?

A: Whenever you want to really, I know that DF and I aren't starting ours for a couple of months because we are working on other projects and exchanges right now.


Q: Will there be a "Group/Open" WIP thread?

A: Yes, we well set one up in a few weeks, probably mid-June for those of you who really want to get a head-start on it and work together in the same thread. If you get started before that, feel free to do your own WIP thread or save the pics to post in the Group thread when it is started.


Q: Will there be prizes or anything like that?

A: No prize support; this is for fun, a personal challenge, and the admiration of your fellow hobbyists. It does coincide with the 2015 Large Figure Contest which does have prize support, so that may be an added motivation to some, just make sure your figure(s) or piece(s) follow those entry rules.


Q: Should I do a single simple piece, a complex base, a vignette (2-4 figures on complex base), or diorama (5+ figures on complex base)?

A: Do whatever you feel you can do, challenge yourself, and have fun at. 


Q: How should I pick my figure(s)?

A: Go with what is your favorite, if you don't have a single favorite, please feel free to post pics or links to pics (not commerce links) to show us what you are stuck on and we'll all be happy to vote on it and help you narrow down your choice!



ETA: If you already have a WIP thread and rather keep using that, please feel free to do as Dave did below and link to it, or do both!   ::D:

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Here's the one I'm going to be working on:


He's Draco The Barbarian from Ares Mythological. (link to stock photo)






I've got the mold lines cleaned up, the arm glued on, and the green stuff in the gap on his arm.


My personal goal is to start working on him full-time next month and start updating this thread with pics of him as I go along. I want to finish him in time for the End of the Year Large Figure contest on the forum.

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I see your topless hot dude and I raise you another topless hot dude.



This is the 54mm "fallen angel" from Freebooter's Fate. Sculpted by a favorite, Werner Klocke, I guess that makes this male Klockenbooty. I am using a secret weapon skull base instead of the base it came with. I have the wings assembled but due to the way this mini goes together I will be painting the body and base, then the wings and arms and weapon. His arm goes across the chest so I figured doing it in sections would work better. I also am not doing the painting method I have been trying out on my past handful of minis and instead broke the wet pallet back out. 


Edit to add the rest of what I got done tonight. I was "sketching" out the skin and in the process lost too many shadows. At least I now what to go back and fix before I start blending and spending more time on the skin. 



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I will participate.


Maria Roseblade WIP:




And I decide to do a bust as well.


KY-RA Bust 1/6 Kabuki Miniatures WIP:




Dare I say it? Yes: More will follow. I ordered something, when it arrives, Two more WIPS will be added..

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Dare I say it? Yes: More will follow. I ordered something, when it arrives, Two more WIPS will be added..

Yeah, I have the Reaper "Pirate vs. Sea Monster" in my pile, and a not-Elric coming...
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I'll throw my Tuma in here... Even though he has his own WIP.


Yes, please feel free to do that or link your WIP thread.

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Very happy to see so many getting started and having already started. I'll upload a couple more pics tonight of where my Draco is at since I do have him primed and pre-highlighted with primer.

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I should have pics up this weekend of the little progress I've made.  I'd like to finish mine in time to enter her into the Nova Open, but we'll see.

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      and this other one that Pingo found that I think is cooler.


      So who else is up for the challenge? 
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      Hey gang, I'm taking a dive into Bust painting, starting with a bust I scored from The Ouroboros Miniatures' Exquis Kickstarter: Adriana.  I'm calling her Mrs. Jones just due to her striking resemblance to Jessica Jones from Marvel Comics; but I digress. 
      Firstly it was mold line and flash removal followed by a bath.

      I figured I would make this a project of several firsts.  I attempted a Z-Priming via rattle cans.  Yes, I know an airbrush is so much smoother, but I haven't the equipment or space for that yet.....yet.  I used the Citadel Chaos Black and the new Seer Grey rattle cans to a decent effect, or so I thought.

      The Seer Grey made her a little grainy.  A very rough texture to work around/on I have found.  Maybe I didn't shake it enough, or maybe it was slightly to humid.  I"m unsure just yet.  
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      Sooo...these look like fun. So Mouse is doing one! Yay! Now ask me stuff, please?
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