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30007: Maria Roseblade, Pirate Queen (54mm) by Glitterwolf

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Applied a GW Orange Wash and a GW Blue wash to the Macaw.

Highlighted with Scale 75 Tenere Yellow and Reaper MSP Ashen Blue.

Reapplied just a little of the washes.

Mixed a little Reaper MSP Palomino Gold with the Tenere Yellow for the feathers.

Applied the same to the yellow part of her outfit.

A little Scale 75 Toxic Green Waste for the forehead.


Took Scale 75 Flat Black to the scabbard.

Some Scale 75 Fuchsia to the inside of the lid of the chest.

Also did her make up and nailpolish with that.


For the green outfit I used Scale 75 Greenskin Flesh highlighted with Surfer

Orc Flesh.


Reaper MSP Palomina Gold for the trim of the pillows.

Scale 75 White Sands to the eehhh sand.. :blues:


Reaper MSP Tanned Highlight for her skin.

Scale 75 Fuchsia for the pillows.


Reaper MSP Intense Brown for the shoulder pads, belt and as a base for the metal armor on her boots.

Reaper MSP Twilight Blue for the pants.


Scale 75 Heavy Metal for studs and rims on shoulder pads and for the metal parts of the chest.

Then Scale 75 Dwarven Gold for the armor on the boots and the gold.

Scale 75 Black Forest Green for the feathers in her hair.


Worked some more on her hair. with Scale 75 Indian Shadow, and put a Dwarven Gold pin and chain for the feahers in.


The Macaw ( ARA) is done and sealed.


That's all for today.

Hope you like it.



















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Seeing the pics, I will have to use stronger highlights on the green feathers, probably a wash for the sand.

I intend to do some water effects and try a little waves.


Maybe some highlights for the blue and green jewelry and I have to do one of her bracelets.


Ok, I've added the Vallejo Water Effects.


Still a gloopy white mess, but it will harden into a clear substance in 24 hours ( well that is what's supposed to do).


Made a litlle waves with a small spoon,


Now hoping it will turn out the way I want too and I can paint it..


That or mr. exacto knife will have loads of work.







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