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Subject: MP&Co ! Monsters, Pretty girls and Company ! Indiegogo (Live)

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MP&Co: Monster, Pretty Girls and Company



For our very first campaign, we offer you to finance the edition of three pretty chicks. 



Eva, Lucy and Jess are available in three versions: naked, in swimsuit and fully dressed. Why 3 versions? Well…  Why not?


Sculptors and hobbyist customizers would be interested in naked or anatomical version, whereas pretty nice curves’ lovers would enjoy the bodysuit one…  As for the dressed ones, they’d make perfect recruit for any zombies, aliens or monsters huntresses’ team… Even bad boys huntresses’ team...


We’re offering you different plegdes to buy one, some or all of these versions.

Cast and massive production would be made by the best resin caster in France: Historex, this is a great guarantee!!



To spice up this first campaign we also offer you to join in a small tombola. One or some tickets would be assigned to every pledger and you could win a painted version (by a Golden Demon Winner)!


Finally, if this campaign reaches its goal, we’d have some surprises in store for you and could make new pretty huntresses and of course matching monsters.


The campaign will last 1 month. Then copies will be casted and sent no later than September. There will be no delay ! Unless of course a meteorite falls on Historex's workshop or zombies attack your postman.


[Nude images not posted, check the indiegogo for those NSFW)


Jes sculpted by Stéphane Camosseto






Lucy sculpted by Benoît Cauchies





Eva sculpted by Christian Hardy (anatomy) and Stéphane Camosseto (clothes and weapons)






This is a FIXED funding indegogo campaign so if it does not fund paypal will automatically refund your pledge


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Top Posters In This Topic

Dear backers,

One week left before the end of the campaign!
Some backers wanted zombies versions ... so here are Eva and Jess who are slightly chewed.
They have unfortunately only a few hours to live before becoming cold meat!
Both zombie versions are available in add-on or in replacement of a pretty girl in the pack you want to buy (an email will be sent to you at the end of the campaign to communicate to me the composition you want to have in your pack).
We have also added Pledges for retailers. For information, Jess, Lucy and Eva will only be available in individual blister pack, not in "packs" as you can acquire in this campaign. So you get a "discount" that will not happen after.
Thank you again and I hope that the campaign will go to the end.



Chers backers,
Il reste une semaine avant la fin de la campagne!
Certains avaient réclamé des versions zombies…voici donc Eva et Jess qui se sont fait légèrement croquées.
Il ne leur reste malheureusement que quelques heures à vivre avant de devenir de la viande froide :(
Ces deux versions zombies sont disponibles en Add-On ou en remplacement d'un pretty girl dans le pack que vous désirez acheter (un mail vous sera envoyé à la fin de la campagne pour que vous me communiquiez la composition que vous souhaitez avoir dans votre pack).
Nous avons également ajouté des pledges pour les revendeurs en boutique. Pour information, Jess, Eva et Lucy ne seront disponibles qu'en blister individuel et non en pack comme vous pouvez les acquérir dans cette campagne. Vous bénéficiez donc d'une "promotion" qui ne se fera plus après.
Merci encore et j'espère que la campagne ira jusqu'au bout!


More photos on the gallery ;)
Plus de photos dans la galerie ;)



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This one is now finished and the PM info has gone out

Dear backers,

Thank you again for your support!

I's now time to give me your choice c944477abc92c1c101da485e07ff06d8.gif

I send you a file in attached file where you could choice the different versions of the pretty girls you want in your pack.

Please send it me back and don't forget to write your name and your address 6d3c0a908a3861135dfaebde91c0ecf6.gif
I need this information to order quickly to the caster.

Concerning the postal charges, many backers forgot to add them to their payment (unfortunately, Indiegogo is not Kickstarter and don't propose a tool to add the postal charges before the payment)
So if you forgot them, you can send them to me via paypal (paypal account: [email protected])

Pledge "Just one!":

3 euros for France, Europe and the rest of the world
Pledges "3 chic chicks!" and "all of them!" :

3 euros for France (lettre Max cartonnée)

6 euros for Europe (tracking parcel)

7 euros for the rest of the world (tracking parcel)

And finally, congratulations to the two golem tickets winners: Brian Robinette (from USA) and Christophe Gillou (from France) they will receive a beautiful painted pretty girl with their pack 6d3c0a908a3861135dfaebde91c0ecf6.gif

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