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Tips for sculpting flat surfaces/angles and keeping them level and square

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 I've been getting much better with blending my edges, but one of the problems I've always had (not just with sculpting, but drawing and carving as well) is keeping my angles nice and straight and keeping things the same thickness all the way through and opposite sides of things parallel... It's always been one of the hobgoblins of my small mind. :rolleyes:


For example, my current putty-catcher is a treasure chest, and although I've managed to get the sides pretty much smooth, I've had a hell of a time trying to get them to be at 90-degree angles to the base and to each other.

I'm currently using a small metal spatula to make sure the surfaces are flat, but I've had to eyeball the angles and estimate whether or not the sides are straight up and down.


How do you guys work on flat surfaces and keeping them level and square? Any tips?

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For a simple box shape I would use a ready made block of some kind as the base and then sculpt details over it. Or alternatively use a right-angled piece of plastic to sculpt against; putty moves whenever it is worked so you either have to keep reshaping it or use a mold.

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